Brands that are Snapchat(ing) successfully


Sliding away from the social stigma of being a sexting app, Snapchat has taken a long leap since its launch in 2011. A transitory photo, video sharing application which has found a firm spot on the smart phone of a 20something, is still alien to matured brands.

Working on absolute real-time, Snapchat has transformed to become a creative content creation hub as brands are actively attempting to absorb its rapid features and wild fame to grip on to the budding user base. It’s not anymore an ignored third wheel in the strong digital world where big names like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram over-shadowed the casual, personal natured app.

‘Creativity is the ultimate key to success’ as we all nod in agreement to this statement, brands aim to induce a rather intimate relationship with their audience leveraging the perks of this platform.

Amazon (@amazon)

Online shopping portal Amazon, launched its Snapchat account to be a part of the Black Friday frenzy. The brand uses Snapchat to share exclusive promo codes and discounts. Apart from the brand, they utilize Snapchat to showcase the human side of the massive global brand by snap chatting their work culture, fun-loving characters and share how their workplace is dog-friendly

Louis Vuitton (LVLive)

The exceptionally sophisticated luxury fine brand Louis Vuittonmade its entry into the Snapchat world and decided to give some extra glimpses of their Cruise 2016 Show at Palm Springs.

More connected to the world, Louis Vuitton takes you through a Parisian breezy, bright summer vacation in the land of Palm Springs, California.

Walt Disney World (waltdisneyworld)

Kid or not, this place is on everyone’s to-do list and this happiest place on earth became a part of the Snapchat family to spread some magic through their snaps. Intending to give a real-time experience to their audience, Walt Disney World established their account on Snapchat.

McDonalds (mcdonalds)

The darling fast-food chain, McDonalds, decided to get closer to its fans by hopping on to the Snapchat bandwagon. Through their Snapchat they give intimate details about their new upcoming products, advertisements, and more.

Michael Kors (michaelkors)

If you admire supermodels, slinky dresses, and a frontline view of Fashion Week, you’ll want to be following Michael Kors’s account on Snapchat instantly.

micheal kors snapchat

Calvin Klein (calvinklein)

Having the current favourites of the Y-generation – Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner as the face of their brand, Calvin Klien has some super desirable Snapchat content.

The brand celebrated their 20th anniversary of unisex fragrance CK One with a global campaign including digital elements on Snapchat

Marriott Hotels (marriotthotels)

Luxury hospitality brand, adapted to Snapchat to attract young travelers. They picked four influencers for a three-month campaign who built conversations with users about what city to visit and worked with Marriott chain for the same. Marriott became tforemostost travel brand to leverage this platform.

Taco Bell (tacobell)

Fast-food chain Taco Bell also is a part of the Snapchat kingdom and how. The brand has dedicated a team of 20-somethings who churn out content religiously for the brand’s Snapchat story three times a week. The content is aimed at their consumers using a blend of real-time and thoughtful content with a lot of emoji and doodles.




MTV (mtvindia)

Youth-entertainment channel, MTV obviously nestled its spot on Snapchat thus trying to get closer through smartphones. Giving up close and personal updates about the shows and actors of the channel.

The Ellen Show (ellen)

Its unexpected for television talk shows to find its abode in rapid photo-video sharing apps like Snapchat, but Ellen surprised her viewers by bringing in a little more behind the scenes of her guests to her viewers via Snapchat. We couldn’t thank her more.



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