Cadbury #Madfie shines on with humor

Aishwaria Sonavane
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Cadbury #Madfie shines on with humor

Human nature as we decipher is in constant crave of companionship and those who acknowledge and accept our raw, unfiltered version gleefully become dear to us. Claimed to be above most relationships, every year on the first Sunday of August the world celebrates it, dedicating it as Friendship's Day

Boundless to age, this day triggers a lot of appreciation, sentiments and of course social media posts. Cadbury the chocolate brand leveraged upon this occasion to bind friends through Twitter creating a viral chain.

Spread madness, share selfies

As they say, our companions reflect a lot about ourselves and together we manage to trigger laughter and madness, somewhere leveraging upon this thought, brand Cadbury, to make merry out of this occasion, kickstarted a Twitter chain.

This Twitter chain started with a mad selfie or as the brand likes to call it #Madfie. A relationship oozing of various emotions, madness is one that stands out the most and with the rigid trend of selfies, the brand collaborated these two ideas to suit the occasion.

Creating a crowd funded campaign, the brand asked their fans on Twitter to share their #Madfie to build a humour, fun-filled campaign for Friendship's Day. The trend caught up instantly with people sharing their magically or rather mad moments with their friends creating a massive Twitter chain.

The data for the campaign was collated through Reachowt.


Celebrity caught up in #Madfie

Well, as we're aware, social media is the unbiased podium which shelters all strata, genders and everything. Twitter became wild as the tweets started spreading like fire so much so that even celebrities got chained into the campaign

Beginning with Karan Tacker who tagged the founder of East India Comedy, Saurabh Pant.

He further included stand-up comedian and member of AIB - Ashish Shakya, who then passed on the fun to Indian Badminton player and Olympian Jwala Gutta

Then it was VJ Jose's turn who was tagged next in the chain!

VJ Jose got actor and Roadie, Rannvijay Singh in viral #Madfie Friendship's Day chain who shared his selfie with a hilarious expression.

Rannvijay later passed the mantle further to singer/actor, Anushka Manchanda.

With her upside down #Madfie she roped in founder of SNG Comedy, Karan Talwar in the chain.

A simple thought become a fun activity on Twitter solving the purpose of this campaign. Cadbury, known for its witty, interactive and heartfelt campaigns got acknowledged on Twitter because of their flawless efforts.

Social media buzz

Madfie took over, over taking on the #Kabaliday on twitter trends in India and trending for more than 5 hours. Which became a massive success for the brand considering it beat superstar Rajnikanth's movie hashtag.


It also climbed up the number one spot across India too, and number was trending in Australia as well. The campaign managed to garnered close to 8000 tweets and impressions for #Madfie stood at 75 Million plus.


With Friendship's Day around the corner this year, Cadbury through their efforts became the first few brands to establish itself in the trend way before their competitive brands.

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