European Championship finals create 146 million interactions on Facebook

This year’s UEFA European Championship in France was one of the most talked about sporting events ever, with 195 million people having 950 million interactions (10th June to 10th July).

For around a month, the tournament generated a considerable amount of interest all over social media. European football has a massive following throughout the world with fans rooting for their favorite teams and players, across the social media spectrum.

Facebook was abuzz with activity peaking during matches. Users were constantly engaged in the activity around football, during and after the matches with the highest in real time during a match.

The tournament turned out to be one of the most talked about sporting events with 195 million people creating 950 million interactions.

According to data by Facebook, the Final clash between European giants Portugal led by the poster boy of European football, Cristiano Ronaldo, and the host nation France which comprised of some of the most promising talent managed to generate 146M interactions between 45M people.

Top five moments in the match (globally)

  1. Ronaldo lifts the trophy
  2. Éder’s goal
  3. Final whistle
  4. Ronaldo goes off injured
  5.    Kick off

Top five most discussed players in the final (globally)

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo 53%
  2. Pepe 10%
  3. Nani 7%
  4. Dimitri Payet 6%
  5. Ricardo Quaresma 5%

Top five most discussed players in France were

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo 51%
  2. Dimitri Payet 12%
  3. Moussa Sissoko 8%
  4. Olivier Giroud 4%
  5. Pepe 4%

Top five most discussed players in Portugal were

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo 44%
  2. Ricardo Quaresma 10%
  3. Pepe 6%
  4. Éder 5%
  5. Dimitri Payet 5%


Following last night’s win, Ronaldo posted a photo of him with celebrating with the trophy.

Jose Fonte posted a video showing the team celebrating while traveling back home.

Nani celebrated with Ronaldo in the dressing room, with a picture of the two of them.

Euro 2016 managed to create a lot of noise amongst socially active football players.