Facebook to profess its love for users in 45 different languages

Mohammad Kanchwala
Jul 04, 2016 08:13 IST
Facebook to profess its love for users in 45 different languages
The social media platform has more than 1.65 billion users across the world and it connects people who belong to different countries and speak different languages.

Facebook now becomes friendlier with its multilingual users by allowing them to post in a number of languages at once. The newly introduced software will allow users to select the preferred language they want to use, from 45 different language options.

Soon, you will be able to understand what your favorite Spanish footballer is posting without having to tell Facebook to translate the text for you. Facebook can easily determine a user’s preferred language by using data such as the users’ location, the languages they prefer to read on the website, and the language they use most to post on Facebook.

International brands, news and media publications and other businesses will benefit greatly using this new feature to reach out and interact with their customers across the world in the language they are comfortable with, breaching a glass ceiling in the areas of advertising and customer service.

Artificial Intelligence is something Facebook is highly optimistic about and that is what makes this new feature possible. Tech giants Microsoft and Google have also been betting big in the Artificial Intelligence department.

Taking these recent updates into account, one can only assume Facebook is not simply talking the talk. They appear to have their priorities in place, making their platform much more accommodating for multilingual users and placing more emphasis on connecting their users with their friends and family.

Also, Facebook has massive user base in SEA countries which usually have their own preference dialects, making it important for Facebook to adapt a multi-lingual policy.

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