Facebook Messenger too adapts end to end encryption

Facebook Messenger is all set to receive a new update that will enable the new end-to-end encryption feature on all chats.

After Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger has also prioritized user privacy by enabling ‘Secret Conversations’ mode that makes use of end-to-end encryption.

For people who aren’t familiar with the term end-to-end encryption, it implies that the messages, pictures, and videos shared cannot be read by any third parties including Facebook and won’t be backed up on their servers either.

Secret Conversations also boasts of a timer feature which deletes the chat at a specified time, reinforcing user privacy. Facebook, like Whatsapp, is making use of the Signal Protocol for end-to-end encryption.

The new feature is presently in the testing phase and will roll out soon. To use it, users have to tap on a friend’s name and scroll down to access it.

Facebook Messenger has over 900+ million daily active users and this new feature will go a long way in providing a boost to user privacy. Although, it is slightly different as compared to WhatsApp, which provides default end-to-end encryption to all chats.

Google has also launched their own instant messaging app, called Allo, which will also contain incognito chats and an expiration time.

Determining the user response to this new feature will be possible once Facebook decides to roll out the new update.