Facebook for Android to offer offline videos

Mohammad Kanchwala
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Facebook for Android to offer offline videos
Prioritizing copyright protection, Facebook has introduced a new update for their mobile app on the Android platform which will allow users to watch offline videos.

The new feature was initially meant for India but has been made available to users on the Android platform across the world. Bad cellular reception hampers users from watching videos on Facebook and this issue is most commonly experienced by Facebook mobile users in India.

A new ‘Save’ button has been introduced on the Facebook mobile app wherein the downloaded videos will be saved preventing copyright infringement through reposting on other platforms.

The video will stay confined within the Facebook app thus users can only share the video on Facebook and not download it on mobile devices. Publishers can also disable the option to download their videos.

Copyright protection of original content is being taken very seriously by Facebook, who wants to encourage publishers to post content on their platform and reassure publishers that their videos are safe from online content poachers.

YouTube, owned by Facebook’s competitors in the social media arena, had introduced a similar offline feature back in 2014, enabling users to download videos beforehand to watch later.

The update is available on versions 85 and 86 (beta) of the Facebook app.

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