Facebook Quick Updates yet another attempt to replicate Snapchat

Facebook quick update

Facebook has begun testing yet another feature which appears as an attempt at making Snapchat irrelevant.

The new feature has been named ‘Quick Updates’ and is accessible to users who can see a smiley icon on the top right corner of their Facebook app.

The one glaring similarity between Snapchat’s Snap Story feature and Quick Updates is the posts will disappear after 24 hours and users can also add friends to the group who can see the (Quick) updates.

Users can add pictures, videos, and text and also overlay text on the pictures and videos which as many users know is exactly what Snapchat offers.

According to reports by Bloomberg Technology, earlier this year, there had been a decline in users sharing their personal moments on Facebook and the company had identified and assigned a team to combat this issue. Quick Updates can be attributed as one of the initiatives Facebook has undertaken to regain leadership.

Facebook does not take lightly to competitors attempting to steal its thunder as was made apparent by their acquisitions of Instagram and Whatsapp for staggering amounts; thus converting competition into their greatest strength.

The social media giant tried to imitate Snapchat by launching Slingshot, an app for launching photos and videos with friends, which did not create ripples in the social media ocean as it was expected to.

Snapchat thus, remains the only elusive competitor whose success and features, Facebook keeps replicating grossly underachieving with each attempt.

The company continues to reiterate that it is just a test and they have no immediate plans on launching the feature to users around the world.