#IAmAGamer conquers the social quest

The ones with the control in their hand would agree – gaming is precious, gaming is passion, and gaming is some serious business. Xbox through its campaign highlights the most unconventional profession of gaming through #IAmAGamer.


Gamer for pleasure, gamer for career

Bean bags, big screens, drinks, and munchies are every gamers delight. More like a drug; gaming is one such hobby that’s hosting to be a profession. Surprised, aren’t you?  Xbox, the global gaming brand brings out a campaign for their Indian audience through a video which talks to a bunch of people and records their life as gamers.

Giving further insight into the campaign, Sandhya Gurung Account Director, Autumn Worldwide, said, “The basic idea behind the campaign was to capture insights into the life of  a real GAMER; everyday joys of gaming and highlight that games always have had a happy-go-lucky quality to them or rather always had and always will.”

The brief given to their agency, Autumn Worldwide was to celebrate gamers and their passion for gaming and to highlight the benefits on Xbox Live – the premier gaming community for Xbox and windows 10.

Alien to the life of a gamer, this video unveils and provides rather primary insights behind this source. The informal, interactive, and very informative video covered the journey of these gamers since the beginning, discussed their hurdles, queried about this supremely unconventional profession, and everything revolving around it.

Talking about molding the perspective of people towards gaming Gurung shared with Social Samosa, “In the journey of shooting this film and interacting with gamers we personally felt that gaming is a tough job which involves practice, sincerity, and patience, and a full-time career scope attached with it. This is what we would like to bring out to the masses through this campaign.”

#IAmAGamer was an audio-visual representation of how gaming as a profession is not just ignored but overlooked in the desperate rat race of becoming an engineer or doctor and like most things in country, this one faces sexism too.

Non-preachy, just informative this video is first of its kind in the market giving Xbox a plus point to get itself known on social media stronger in comparison to its competitive play stations.

Social media buzz

On Facebook the video garnered 1.9k views, 124 reactions, and 86 shares while on YouTube it received 196 views organically within 2 hours of its launch.  On Twitter, the video garnered 17 likes, 13 replies, and re-tweets.

Gurung further informed us that #IAmAGamer will be creating further buzz on social with a network of tongue in cheek humor posts, GIFs, memes, video snippets celebrating the Gamers in the film and the Gaming community.

#IAmAGamer created engagement as gamers who resonate with the video took to social media sharing their delight and woes.

The campaign managed to engage with relevant TG through quality content and niche targeting.