[Infographic] Instagram v/s Snapchat – who leads the race?

What was previously an unchallenged territory for Instagram has now become a battle arena since Snapchat has arrived.

Instagram recently hit 500 million active users and is undoubtedly the titan in the realm of photo sharing applications. Snapchat’s user base has now snowballed making them Instagram’s biggest competitor.

Considering that Snapchat is the new kid on the block it is growing rather quickly even in contrast to Instagram’s phenomenal growth over the past 18 months. From 300 million users in December 2014 to 500 million last month Instagram is no doubt the leader, but Snapchat has a much larger growth potential.

The numbers may be bigger for Instagram but Snapchat has seen close to 100% growth over the past 18 months. From 74 million active users in December 2014 to 150 million active users now.

The user preferences are different for both Snapchat and Instagram and a direct and accurate comparison is not possible although it is possible to gauge which of the two may end up being the leader eventually.

This infographic draws a comparison between Zuckerberg’s Million Dollar Baby and Evan Spiegel’s brainchild.



The infographic was first published on Social Media Today.