Netflix takes a desi route with #LifeWithoutNetflix

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Netflix takes a desi route with #LifeWithoutNetflix
What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Success, but only if you play your cards right. Netflix, the world’s most popular on-demand media streaming company is all focused on one of its biggest markets - India; and the brand seems to have a lot of cards up their sleeve.

Netflix executed a clever social media campaign, infused with humor and a desi tadka using GIFs and videos from Bollywood movies and you know, ‘just Indian things.’

Netflix released a few short videos on their official Facebook page featuring stand up comedian, Abish Mathew from All India Bakchod, a recognized face among the Indian youth.

Using interactive social media posts, Netflix highlighted the advantages they provide over traditional television - no commercial breaks, convenience of access to their favorite shows on the move, a vast choice of film and television series to choose from.

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Also, unlike television channels, Netflix premieres the entire season of their original productions at once, giving viewers ample of opportunity to binge watch.

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Their posts on social media generated a lot of activity in the form of comments and Netflix connected well as they replied to most of the comments and indeed very humorously.

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Direct interaction with users makes them feel special and valued and Netflix used that to their advantage replying to compliments, grievances, and queries. CRM done right.



The hashtag #LifeWithoutNetflix  and  #TheNetflixLife generated a lot of buzz on Facebook and Twitter.

The campaign was well executed and achieved a lot of traction and response on social media, but there was a fly in their ointment as users’ pointed out the lack of content that Netflix offers to users in India. One of their biggest draws is House of Cards which sadly is un-available to subscribed Netflix users in India as they have sold the exclusive rights to a TV channel.

The Twitter spat

HotStar, a similar venture by Star Group, and Netflix’s arch competitos in India, took this rivalry to social media recently, when the two brands waged a verbal war on Twitter.

It started off due to a similar outdoor billboard done by Netflix and Hotstar and the brands responded to each other’s tweets with GIFs, resulting in some sparring which left social media users entertained.

Netflix's entry in India has been a topic of debate. While the video streaming site holds unparelled leadership globally, it faces still competition from homegrown content streaming apps in India. Constant data hassle and lack of connectivity only add to these issues.

With the social campaign, Netflix could create engagement and thus enhance user base.

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