[Event] Learn about Social Media RoI at Connect via Hootsuite

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Brands and agencies often struggle to justify Return on Investment (ROI) made on social media initiatives; this usually arises from not knowing how to measure ROI on social and an expectation that the return has to be tangible and immediate.

This makes it difficult for departments and teams within an organization, to justify their investments in social. Social media has evolved and become an integral component of a brand’s marketing mix but the questions around how it drives business results are still largely unanswered.

While it may be difficult to link social media initiatives directly to monetary profit, if managed correctly, it can be used to drive engagement, build a sales pipeline and drive prospects through the sales funnel, all of which eventually lead to profits.

As the industry tries to understand how to measure Social Media ROI, we bring to you Connect via Hootsuite, an online social media conference that will help businesses understand how to measure and grow Social Media ROI.

The conference brings together inspiring brands and industry experts to show you how to transform your business with social.

Join Connect via Hootsuite on Wednesday, September 07, 2016 to learn how to maximize and measure your social media investments. Register today.