Social Samosa Agency Feature – The Wise Design Consultancy

Who are we?

The Wise Design Consultancy (TWD), is a fashion consultancy with a focus towards the digital growth of luxury fashion businesses.

What’s in the name?
TWD is an organization that breathes the essence of fashion. By expanding the horizons of the Indian Couture Labels the company represents, TWD aims to position these brands alongside international labels.

What we do?
We are passionate to work with haute couture brands and luxe fashion houses as we pay attention towards strategic brand management. We provide services like:
Brand Consultation
Social Media Marketing
Re- Branding
Corporate Identity Systems
Print Collateral Designs
Web Design
Brand Placement
Trend Forecast
Retail Consultation

Why we do it?

How we evolve?

We believe that there is a great talent in the design industry that is often overshadowed by the abundance of information that floats in the market amongst growing populations. We hence take time to curate and handpick brands that are individualistic with their technique and design sensibilities thus enabling us to put forth the strongest strategy for them with regard to their specific genre.

Social responsibility in social media

Now that everything is so transparent and all concerned parties are exposed to all the information. We take utmost effort in representing each brand’s aesthetics by paying careful attention to their strong suit.

Need of the hour

We pay constant attention toward precision in portraying design aesthetics of each brand through every artwork and brand strategy is curated towards the appropriate fashionable direction.

We learned the hard way

As we have always been very distinct with our selection of designers and brands we work with, we lay immense stress on the fact that each brand is taken up only on the grounds that we foresee a positive vision around it.

They work with us

Masala Chai Dubai
Anjali K Couture
HEMA The Label
NNEKA By Nadia
HCD by Harshitaa Chatterjee Deshpande
Nidhi Bhandari Fine Couture

Industry as we foresee

Overview on the Indian Fashion Social Media industry is to consider fashion as a more serious business that requires immense amount of branding that helps strategize

A day without Internet

As it goes for any social media agency, a day without internet is like life without water and fashion without style.
Lastly, are you hiring?