#SupergirlOnZCafe: A story in 360 degrees

Aishwaria Sonavane
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It was a Once Upon a Time tale from the DC universe, unfolding the mysteries of the Super Girl. To put this fictional story on air, English channel Zee Cafe, inclined upon the social-verse to amplify attention around this character through #SupergirlOnZCafe.

Introducing us to the new super hero in town, Zee Cafe ran a social media campaign to draw attention on their new character around which their entire show revolved. The campaign banked heavily on Facebook's new 360 degree photos.

Photography, the memory tool of art has stayed with us since ancient era, speaking a thousand words, but with Facebook’s modernization in this segment through their 360 degree photo, now speak way beyond just thousand words. Becoming a mute story-teller, 360 degree photo has made photography more intimate, filled it with emotions and strengthened the imagination skills of the viewer.

Cape flies on social-verse

Being a more comprehensive story-telling feature, Social Kinnect conceptualized and executed a simple campaign utilizing Facebook 360 degree photos, to introduce their new show based upon a marvel character. Through this feature, the brand gave us an outline of the entire show.

Allowing people to shift through the story point by point, first the image tells how Supergirl was sent from another planet, Krypton to protect her infant cousin Kal-el.  The next point they says how people know about Superman's story and now its turn to know about hers. Finally, they introduce Kara Zor-el and decided to tell their story giving their viewers a pre-chunk of their show running under #SupergirlOnZCafe. Zee Café claims to be one of the first brands in the country to execute a campaign through this feature.

The brand through their social media portrayed their active nature by replying to users commenting on the 360 degree image.


To further brush up the campaign, Zee Café got Supergirl on the transitory app, Snapchat which boasts of sheltering the Y-generation. They conducted a campaign via Snapchat, asking users to share a doodle of Supergirl to win goodies.

Focusing entirely on Facebook 360 photo feature, the campaign missed out to pay attention to the other elements of required in a marketing mix. It shared a couple of posters of the show to voice about the campaign, but apart from that the campaign was not multi-facet.

On Twitter people were expressing their affection for the character and discussing the story-line with curiosity and by even praising the show while watching it on air.

Overall, through the new feature, the campaign made an identity for itself to be amongst the few brands to tell their story in 360 degrees.

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