Twitter increases GIF upload limit to 15MB

GIFs on twitter

Twitter has introduced a new update which may prove to be a boon for GIF lovers and marketers.

Twitter will now allow GIFs upto 15MB to be posted on their platform. Previously the limit for the same was 5MB, which is still the same for images.

There have been no official announcements yet Twitter’s official help page carries the updated information. One can only assume it is to enhance user experience and make the platform more interesting to use as it has been perceived to be ‘serious’ by some.

GIFs have been gaining popularity on social media as they help convey more than an image can.

In order to give their users more to do, Twitter recently introduced Stickers, which work like photo filters, taking a leaf out of Snapchat’s book. Integrating Periscope’s live video capabilities into their core app was another major update from Twitter.

As to the newest update, GIF lovers will rejoice but not many as most users prefer to use Twitter on the go and the newest update only makes it available to Twitter web users. This means Twitter mobile users will have to make do with the previous limit of 5MB for photos and GIFs.

What could have been a major update that would have users looking forward to it, Twitter appears to have missed the fact that most of their users prefer to access the microblogging platform from their mobile phones.

The move however, is a huge relief for brands who often bank on GIFs and videos to make communication creative.

The jury is still out and user reactions will tell us whether this new update is a hit or miss for Twitter.