Twitter’s new campaign – too late or in the nick of time?


Twitter finally appears to be addressing its primary concern of not being able to acquire more users despite being one of the most popular brand names around the world.

According to their official blog, extensive research by Twitter revealed that the problem lay on the platform being considered incomprehensible and difficult to use. Some also took to it like Facebook, using it to connect with friends and family.

Countering this issue Twitter has released two short videos posted on their official handle. The video establishes what Twitter is, what it means to the world, and how it can change it.

Over the past few months, Twitter introduced a series of updates to counter the considerable ebb in the user acquisition department. To counter this problem, the company will be releasing a “marketing, including videos and digital ads” explaining why the microblogging platform stands out from its counterparts.

Why now?

Twitter has been putting their eggs in a number of baskets with their fingers crossed, but with no considerable impact it continues to witness a decline in an array of departments.

Facebook continues to exercise control over the number one spot among social media platforms with a whopping 1.6 billions users worldwide while Twitter averaged 310 million monthly active users in 2015. The battle, however escalated from user acquisition race to being the ace content dissemination platform.

The previous advertisement from Twitter which aired during the World Series, baseball tournament, last year failed to put forth their simplification for the general public, but the company attempts to right their wrongs this time.

One of the newly released videos depicts a number of cities and languages aimed at people all over the world, highlighting the stories that were trending including #PokemonGO, #BlackLivesMatter, and clips from the NBA and popular TV series Game Of Thrones – depicting that Twitter is What’s Happening.

The second video focuses solely on the build up to the nominations for the upcoming US Presidential race featuring Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and current President, Barack Obama.

Twitter intends to promote itself as the primary source for real time news and updates ranging from entertainment to sports to politics and carve a niche into the social media bazaar by being more than just another social network.

In addition to the video commercials, Twitter is also introducing a new look and feel in their marketing that reflects the people around the world who make Twitter what it is, highlighting the diversity and expressiveness in all its color and vibrancy.

While the campaign manages to demystify Twitter to quiet some extent while establishing an identity for itself, it does come as a surprise that Twitter took all this while to explain what it truly stands for. Can Twitter make the impact it wished to or is it too late, well, only time will tell.