Vero brews a strong social entry with a well-planned content plan

It’s black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love – this is how Charles Maurice de Talleyrand chose to describe a perfect cup of coffee. Acknowledging the idyllic indulgence of the beverage, Vero stepped fresh into the digital world introducing their blend of coffee to the country.

Entering the digital world

Most of us are merrily guilty of being a part of the sphere that refuses any form of human interaction without that mug full off caffeine, then there are those who relish a cup or two over a delightful conversation, and for some, it’s just a comfort beverage to relish under wraps. Despite what category you fall in, coffee for most adults is a part of their lifestyle.

Vero, an Italian term that stands for real, true, and perfect; abiding by its name the brand established a strong foothold in the digital portal and decided to re-invent the deep rooted Indian essence instead of chasing the western flavors.

To get their consumers hooked on to the Indian flavors by getting their senses jittery, Vero motivated to evolve the caffeine experience for Indian coffee connoisseurs.

Brewing finely on social media

Bringing in a fresh puff in the world of coffee in India and battling with strength in the digital world shoulder to shoulder with big brands Vero has churned out a commendable entrance in the digital world by running multiple activities around.

Commencing a month long campaign on varied platforms, Vero blended in a multi-facet campaign to throw a spotlight on itself.

On Facebook, Vero partnered with Om Nom Nom, a page stringently dedicated to food and produces inventive recipes in brief for their viewers through dauntingly delicious visuals. Pairing up with this page, the brand published a rich recipe of coffee with a tinge of avocado to leave us salivating which resulted in 404,000 views and 537 shares.

While on Twitter, Vero upheld a contest where the brand asked how a good cup of coffee brightens your day? Revolving their entire campaign around coffee and its influence on our lifestyle the brand managed to place itself intelligibly on Twitter gaining attention from Twitteratis who actively hopped on to participate.

<blockquoteclass=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”>

@verocoffeeworld @saylee_padwal When life gives you lemons trade them for some coffee. #VeroCoffee #Coffee #Contest

— RGa(@DentistsareCool) June 15, 2016

Eager to tap on to the coffee enthusiasts, the brand included reviews to recipes in their content marketing strategy to produce a well-directed campaign reaching its viewers through various mediums. Blogger Nikhil Wad, published a thorough review about products while ‘Bake with Shivesh,’ a blog, shared a mouth-watering easy to bake a recipe of a coffee cake.

Overall, the entire campaign received over 35 million impressions and over 6 lakh engagement across varied platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

The final cup

To sum it up, the campaign gave massive emphasis on their content creation and looked at targeting coffee buffs; it also managed to get their hands on some influencers to create content of superior aesthetic value as they identify the power of visuals.

Vero is new yet impactful just like its coffee which could be justified through its wide social media behavior. The brand leaves no stone unturned to make an entry in the digital sphere and get noticed to their audience.


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