WhatsApp all set to introduce a new font

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WhatsApp all set to introduce a new font
The new font is called FixedSys and comes days after WhatsApp confirmed ending their relationship with Symbian and BlackBerry devices from 31st December, 2016.

Earlier, the instant messaging Mogul had introduced another update with fonts that allowed users to write in bold, italic or strikethrough. Bold font can be obtained by putting the text between asterisks ‘*text*’, underscores for Italic font ‘ _text_’ and tildes ‘~text~’ to obtain the strikethrough font.

The availability of different fonts will further augment the expression of tones by highlighting important words.

In order to use the FixedSys, a user would first need to go to the official Android store and tap on the ‘Become a Tester’ button which will then allow the user to download the latest WhatsApp update.

Once the update is downloaded, the FixedSys font can be obtained by placing the ‘ ` ‘ symbol before and after the text.

WhatsApp wishes to break the monotony and grant users more to do and thus has been expanding their emoji inventory and now reinforced it by introducing different fonts.

It is expected to roll out soon after receiving the necessary bug fixes after it passes the Beta tests.

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