#BeyondOrdinary strives to strengthen Woodland's positioning on Instagram

Aishwaria Sonavane
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#BeyondOrdinary strives to strengthen Woodland's positioning on Instagram
#BeyondOrdinary was Woodland's efforts towards presenting themselves as a sports oriented brand while strengthening their positioning on Instagram.

One dais, varied facet and Woodland, the brand that calls itself the global adventure brand revolved its campaign around a unique Instagram feature.

Scavenger hunt, rings a bell? Adult or adolescent, this activity somewhere gets all of us all pumped up. Woodland, attempted a little of its own social treasure hunt which users would play through their screens calling it #BeyondOrdinary.

Going #BeyondOrdinary

To briefly flash some light on the campaign, it served solely on Instagram; the campaign contains all the flavors of adventure, culture and entertainment. Conceptualized by Interactive Avenues, this collaboration narrates their campaign underlining the visualization, in chorus gripping on to one of the most habitually used yet under explored feature- tagging.

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The brand sponsored the Malabar River Festival, which is Asia’s biggest Kayak Festival and South India’s only extreme adventure competition organized on behalf of Kerala Adventure Tourism Promotion Society by Kerala Kayak Academy and Madras Fun Tools.

The global event that was conducted this year in July, specifically features the sport of Kayaking which otherwise is concealed in the sporting world. The river sport gathered beginners and experts from parts of the world to participate in the event. Woodland too being a part of this sport, incorporated their participation through their campaign by weaving it in their brand story through an Instagram adventure game.

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The brand took their viewers on a virtual tour of the event by creating eight Instagram accounts. Sounds complicating, doesn’t it? But no, the brand simply took one feature of the platform in aspect and embroidered it further.

Tag game

Woodland created eight Instagram handles for #BeyondOrdinary which globally led fans to follow reputed kayakers as they battled torrents in the mesmerizing white waters of God’s own country.

Through their official handle, the brand elucidated followers about the campaign where viewers first had to hunt for Woodland products in the image and follow the tag to the next handle, which then had more hidden products that further took the viewers ahead in the game, finally luring them with brand goodies.

woodland 2

Through this campaign, plenty pictures bound together produced one beautiful big picture, which had the secreted Woodland product. The bigger picture gave a gist about the entire event creating awareness.

This campaign embodied the brand as an admirer of thrill. The entire experience was Instagram-ic, absorbing the essence of the app and connecting the campaign through tags, which ironically does the same, connects friends on social-verse.

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A lot has been spoken, written and done on Instagram marketing, but Woodland managed to keep an eye on one factor that brought in some fresh light to the already done and dusted campaigns.


Woodland’s Instagram account screams volumes about their strong desire for adventure; this campaign further asserts their personality of being sturdy and strong. Through this campaign the brand not only raised awareness about the event, but also experimented with Instagram.


Although, Woodland could’ve used the strong following on their Facebook and Twitter to direct traffic to their Instagram account and fortify the campaign further. The brand currently has 344 followers and has a strong Instagram presence and the final account has a total of 77 followers since August 9, 2016 which was the launch date of the campaign.

The campaign managed to score brownie points for Woodland for using Instagram creatively.

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