[Case Study] Curofy portrayed a contrast world of #‎DoctorsVsSuperheroes‬



A Doctor’s only app, Curofy with their in-house marketing tram created a campaign, bizarre and entertaining as they like to call it titled Doctors V/s Superheroes.


The team at Curofy decided to give the world a contrast between the real life superheroes (read doctors) and the ones who are only present in our minds, primarily to honor the work of our doctors and create awareness of the Curofy platform.


Doctors are considered to be saviors, messiahs and sometimes, even gods, by the billion people in our country and identifying this fact and perceiving the opportunity it had, Curofy went ahead to create such a campaign highlighting the contrasts of both the reel and real superheroes.


The campaign was centered around the fact that doctors are our real life superheroes. The campaign entertained its viewers by publishing one comic strip highlighting the comparison between one superhero and one doctor of a particular specialty every Friday through the official Facebook page of the company. The campaign lasted for 5 weeks encompassing all the famous superheroes and the specialties.


Humour and wittiness were the essence of this campaign and its main aim was to showcase to the world that Doctors are actually better than the superheroes we idolize.


The first post which was in the form of a comic strip enjoyed the appreciation of over 7000 people on the first day, out of which most were doctors.

Overall the campaign was rousing success with a combined reach of around 75000 unique doctors. The numbers may well be misconstrued as average. With the target being a niche audience of doctors, it was a commendable effort.