[Case Study] Indo Global College targets engineering students with #YourJEEscore

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[Case Study] Indo Global College targets engineering students with #YourJEEscore


Indo Global Colleges


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Indo Global College is an educational group in North India and offers educational programs in engineering, architecture, and management. As one of the providers of engineering education in the country, the brand was extremely keen on moving beyond the clutter and putting their marketing message right where their audiences were. That is where Unipro came in.


The brand was keen to devise a digitally driven marketing campaign that would help the client increase the awareness for their brand and reach out to aspiring engineering students with a clear intent to pursue an engineering program in the current session.


For the brand to be able to get through to only the right audience and drive higher quality leads into the system, Unipro zeroed in on creating a Facebook campaign centered on a theme that would get the brand a lead funnel with verified intent as well as validated contact details ahead of the admission season.

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is the preferred test for most premier institutes accepting candidates into engineering programs and was also the entry criteria for the client too. With nearly 1.2 million aspirants appearing for the JEE each year, around 300,000 students clear the mains and qualify for entry into premier engineering institutes.

Built by combining Facebook’s reach as a platform, the benchmark criteria from JEE scores, and a mobile wallet (PayTM) for verified contact information, Unipro conceptualized the Facebook campaign #YourJEEscore, targeting aspiring engineering students who were about to begin the process of applying to engineering programs.

The #YourJEEscore campaign was built using to the point content and relevant infographics that only put the campaign’s message across to the audiences.

They rolled out the campaign immediately after the JEE results were declared and ran it from 29th April to 6th May 2016. They regularly posted messages announcing that students who had excelled in the JEE exams could upload an image or screenshot of their JEE scores and 5 of them stood a chance to win PayTM credits worth Rs.500.

A microsite was created for the campaign and students were directed to it from the Facebook posts announcing the campaign. The students needed to submit their basic contact details along with the phone number that was verified on PayTM in order to be eligible for the PayTM credit.

To supplement the reach of the campaign, direct e-mails were also used, with to the point content congratulating students on the JEE success and informing them about the campaign.


Their aim through this campaign was to put the brand message in front of only the most relevant audience – the top bracket of JEE entrance takers. Through a week long Facebook campaign they reached 12.3k students, which is around 6% of students that cleared JEE mains. Considering the fact that they were only targeting the top bracket even among these students, meant that Unipro was able to put the client’s brand message in front of nearly a fourth of their target audience, that too in just a week’s time.

Unipro’s Facebook driven campaign for the client got them over 500 registrations with verified contact details owing to the PayTM linked incentive that was a part of the campaign.

Through their digital initiative, the brand positioned itself on the social medium to magnet the engineering aspirants leveraging on the widely used, social media giant.

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