[Case study] L&T Financial Services attempts empowering women with #DontJustSignHere

Case study L&T Financial Services


L&T Financial Services (L&T Mutual Fund)



Women today, as we see are growing to be leaders in every sphere, managing huge offices and taking decisions worth millions. But when the time comes to zoom in and take personal finance decisions, they take a back seat and do not get involved.

Research shows that 8 out of 10 women refrain from having financial conversations for reasons such as the following:

  • Lack of awareness on financial products, unsure on documentation formalities and the ambiguity attached to the processes to buy them
  • Inherent assumption and dependability on spouse or professionals
  • Paucity of time handling multiple tasks simultaneously


The brand was aiming to advise women that just signing financial documents is not enough but they need to get involved by asking relevant questions, learning about every detail that pertains to the financial decision, and then invest.


The campaign #DontJustSignHere showcased how a few small steps and simple actions could be more meaningful if women just got more involved before signing across the dotted line.

Targeted at women aged 18-55, the campaign spoke to women, asking them to get involved by following 4 simple steps  ‘ASK’, ‘RESEARCH’, ‘PARTICIPATE’ ‘INVEST’ – which were brought alive using micro-video formats, thumb-stopping visuals, knowledge articles, all hosted on a microsite which acted as a campaign hub.

Since the main audience of the campaign were women, platforms like Facebook and Twitter were selected. The videos were promoted using custom tools such as carousel video ads, promoted posts and promoted videos which aided the engagement. Since majority of the world today operates via mobile, Facebook Canvas was used to push the message in a one-stop manner, making the brand first in the BFSI category to leverage on this feature.

The creatives were positioned in a way that women would understand finances easily and provided the resources for them to get involved in their financial decisions more. There was a usage of GIFs in the communication to break down the messaging for the users.


The campaign was effectively communicated to the TG and most of them, connected with the intent.

This objective was successfully achieved and the campaign garnered a total of 1.5 million views across all the videos on Facebook alone. It engaged with 20,594 women with an overall reach of 2, 30,350 women. The effect was seen across Facebook posts – 20,000 reactions and over 100 shares! What further boosted the engagement was the unique feature of Facebook i.e. Facebook Canvas which helped reach an engagement of 6518 on mobile alone.

It virtually spoke to 1.5million people through the videos (Total views on the video). The campaign received a massive reach of 5,30,000 with a visibility of 4.6 million impressions. It also received 20,000+ reactions.

Encouraging women to even take a stance on their personal finances just like they’ve picked up on all other fields, the brand puts down the idea of women simply signing their financial papers with #DontJustSignHere. Masked as a BFSI brand, it takes up the responsibility to drive this change in their arena.