#ChangeTheRhyme challenges the root of all beauty stereotypes

Sukaina Meghani
Aug 11, 2016 12:40 IST
If you’re one of those people who grew up listening to princess stories or how important it is for girls to be prim, proper and perfect with their white skin and brown locks, no wonder you are already disappointed with the adult world. Peggy O’Mara puts it with ease how, “The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.”


The sighting of a Dove and the creativity of Culture Machine together bring a heart tugging campaign with a nursery rhyme playing in the background, making the viewers realize that it is high time we #ChangeTheRhyme.

Chubby Cheeks, Dimpled Chin,

Rosy Lips, Teeth within,

Curly hair, very fair,

Eyes so blue, lovely too,

Teacher’s pet, is that you?

A majority of the audience must be familiar with the nursery rhyme that aspired young girls to have blue eyes and rosy lips for the longest. Asking a provocative question to its audience, Dove’s campaign challenges the notion of ideal beauty that is set with unrealistic physical appearance.

The mere objective of the campaign is to make the audience recognize that there is more than just one kind of beauty

Is that You?

Capturing the efforts and dedication of fine sportswomen in this video with the cheeky rhyme playing in background, Dove captures the essence of excellence.

dove blush

dove blush 2

Culture Machine’s digital channel Blush said, “Every woman is a hero who needs to unleash her inner fighter to win over the world. Through this video, we aspire to break up the monopoly that ‘light’ skin, ‘coloured’ eyes, ‘lustrous’ hair etc. are supposed to have over our sense of value. In multiple cultures, dark skin, for instance, is constructed as beauty’s arch-nemesis, something that must be repressed and stunted at all costs. What’s disturbing is, all of these adjectives have been ingrained in our minds since childhood with the nursery rhymes we are taught in schools. This video was created because it is high time our society realised their faults in defining a woman’s standards.”

In just 2 days, the video received over 4L views on Blush’s YouTube Channel. Just like Dilma Rousseff once said, “I hope the fathers & mothers of little girls will look at them and say ‘yes, women can!” this campaign will get their viewers to definitely


For Dove, a brand that wants women and girls of all ages to see themselves for their own individual and unique beauty as a source of confidence and not anxiety, this was an opportunity to start a dialogue that questions how unwittingly a nursery rhyme became a prop to seed a narrow beauty ideal amongst young girls.


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