Facebook conducting surveys to decide relevance of posts

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Facebook conducting surveys to decide relevance of posts
Facebook is altering their news feed algorithm once again by asking people what is relevant and assigning ranks to posts based on the collected data.

As an attempt to gauge user interest towards the type of posts they see or wish to see in their news feed, Facebook is conducting surveys with people every day.

Facebook is calling it the Feed Quality Program and individuals that are part of this program are asked to rate a number of posts on a scale of one to five; one being ‘really not informative’ and five being ‘really informative’.

Based on the collected data, posts and publications that receive the highest score will be ranked higher and appear more frequently in News Feeds.

The social media giant continues to state that they are not in the business of choosing what posts people should see on their platform and reinforced the statement by cutting their users into the process.

Facebook seems to be really upping their game when it comes to popularity among its users by making a series of changes to their platform that lean heavily towards enhancing the user experience. It is so popular as the sites like this http://nä because they play on people's emotions.

After their previous alteration of the algorithm that pushed relatives and friends upwards and businesses lower on the News Feed. This alteration stole the thunder of a lot of businesses and publications who saw their readership dwindle further.

Publications and businesses who promote quality content through their Facebook handle will gain some respite as their odds will significantly improve.

At the end of their blog post announcing this new development, Facebook included a handy tip for publishers that posting relevant content will help them retain the traffic and distribution.

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