Facebook Offers got easier for consumers and advertisers alike

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Facebook Offers got easier for consumers and advertisers alike

Facebook gave Offers a comprehensive update which will make an advertiser's’ job easier.

Advertisers want to attract customers and Facebook, yes they want to attract advertisers. To make this lucrative chain even more fruitful, the social network has made it easier for businesses to share discounts and promotions on mobile devices.

Offers lets businesses post offers, discounts and promotions, and lets consumers claim these discounts and all of this activity unfolds on Facebook, keeping users confined to their platform. This feature has been further updated by Facebook.

Advertisers can not just share discounts, but also make sure the aforementioned discounts reach the people who are most likely to redeem them, and also monitor the number of offers claimed. Businesses can also enable a barcode or QR code for customers if they choose to do so.

Facebook is also simplifying the process on the user’s end by enabling a bookmark option for the offers. Copying offer codes and other details is now available on user’s mobile devices to eliminate having to remember offer codes and other information.

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The company is going a step further to make sure businesses never miss out on a customer and customers never miss out on an offer by providing reminders on offers they have claimed or when they are about to expire.

Niche Offers will also be made possible for businesses on Facebook, if an advertiser prefers to keep a promotional audience limited and refined.

The feature has been rolled out and Facebook also offers an online blueprint course to help businesses get accustomed to their newest tool and make the most of it.

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Facebook is evolving now more than ever, and it has been difficult to pinpoint its role on the internet as it continues to offer new features for users and businesses alike, from marketing to social connectivity to current news, Facebook is the hot spot for it all.

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