#HitToKill converts a running trend into an engaging campaign

HIT saw an opportunity with consumers ranting about mosquitoes in the rainy season and launched a UGC oriented campaign to familiarise their new product.

Accept it or not, we’re all somewhere sadistic when it comes to clapping those little buzzing creatures between our palms or fling them with racket zappers. Swarming in moisture, with the onset of monsoon, mosquitoes seem to secure the top space on our annoying list, even beating puddles or traffic.  Converting this concern into hilarity, HIT the mosquito repellent brand finds this ideal timeline for their topical campaign.

101 ways to kill a Mosquito

Following the heavy showers in Delhi and Mumbai, Twitteratis couldn’t stop ranting about the mosquitoes taking over their surroundings and to the extent that they were ready to go to #KillMosquitoes. These tweets led to igniting the minds of the social media team behind this campaign who found their inspiration through these reactions.

If you’re thinking this is another tedious listicle thrown your way, you’re absolutely wrong. Banking on the social media norms of listicles, HIT titled their campaign as 101 ways to kill a Mosquito to produce content basing on invention and absurdity.

Primarily, the brand built on this conversation by converting some of the wacky ways of killing mosquitoes into creative content pieces of GIFs, videos, and more. Through this campaign, the brand also very vigilantly introduced their brand new product, Kala HIT with Lime flower fragrance which they claim that kills mosquitoes instantly leaving behind a rather pleasant aroma.

The campaign is based on the consumer insight of how the nuisance caused by hidden mosquitoes brings everyday life to a grinding halt, forcing us to react with anger. Current measures to eliminate hidden mosquitoes, are arduous, and often fail. No wonder, consumers feel angry and annoyed. Kala HIT Lime flower fragrance has been introduced as an exceptionally convenient way of killing even the hidden mosquitoes. The response from netizens has been very encouraging and we are sure that this campaign will drive awareness and induce trial of the new variant – HIT Lime flower fragrance,” shared Ajay Dang, Head Marketing.

Contest to kill mosquitoes

Indifferent to the customs, HIT was thoughtful with their campaign and instead of only preaching the same old about health awareness, they built crowd sourced content for this campaign building thorough interaction.

This contest pegged on comedy content, wherein the brand took in responses from the viewers on how they would kill a mosquito.  The contest displayed the great sense of humor possessed by the audience , which was directed on the microsite created by the brand and later the entries were shared through their handles.

Commenting on the campaign idea, Parag Shahane, Unit Creative Director, LinTeractive said, “Revenge is an integral part of a human mind and one can go to any lengths to express it. By using this insight, we wanted to bring out the rage and physicality of wanting to kill mosquitoes through exaggerated, funny videos which will lead them to the microsite housing the 101 ways of killing mosquitoes. Users were told to upload their views on ways of killing mosquitoes, where the best 101 ways will be featured on the microsite. Through this campaign, the attempt was to drive engagement and deliver the message that Kala Hit Lime is a convenient way of killing mosquitoes.”

Social media buzzing

The brand’s entire social media page was dedicated to 101 ways to kill mosquito, which did not run on a hashtag, thus breaking away from the trends. The brand so devoted to the campaign, even changed their profile and cover photos to the template of the campaign, also introducing their product of repellent and room freshner thus making it a multi-purpose campaign.

The campaign received numerous entries which were filtered and the best were put up on display. They also leveraged on the carousel feature of Facebook.

Through this campaign the brand managed to stand out as the solo mosquito repellent in the market, benefitting numerously from it, considering the ongoing monsoon concerns. They somewhere managed to make an amazing brand recall in the minds of consumers as a mosquito repellent very similar to what brands like Xerox or Bisleri have managed to achieve.