ICICI Lombard’s social media survey reveals startling stats

KRDS India and ICICI Lombard  undertook a social media survey on smokers and smoking habits, brining startling statistics in the light.

social media survey

Drag after drag, eventually when you think you’re finishing off your cigarette, the horrific truth is actually that, the tiny nicotine stick is gradually finishing you, drag after drag. Smokers or non-smokers are pretty much well aware of the hazards attached to this habit, yet most smokers have conveniently turned a blind eye towards the scenario.

The leading cause of preventable death, smoking as records suggest causes close to 6 million deaths per year and suggests that tobacco use will heighten the deaths by 8 million by 2030. On the occasion of World No-Tobacco Day, BFSI brand ICICI Lombard took up the responsibility to conduct a digital survey on ‘What do people think about Smoking?’ to shed some light on the smoking scenario of the social-verse.

The survey conducted by KRDS India and ICICI Lombard through channels like Facebook and Twitter looked into the various patterns of tobacco consumption and how social and psychological factors influence tobacco consumers’ lifestyle. The national survey covered all four regions through Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, and Hyderabad, with a sample size of 1,111 respondents.

Sanjay Datta, Chief  Underwriting & Claims, ICICI Lombard GIC Ltd. said, “The ICICI Lombard survey reveals interesting insights but most significantly it underscores the fact that the fight against smoking is far from over. One of the most alarming findings of the survey was that only 10% of the respondents felt the need to buy a health insurance policy as a measure to combat the problem. It thereby emphasizes that as insurers and as a society, we are yet a long way away from spreading full awareness about the ill-effects of smoking.”

Survey statics stated that majority of smokers in India had never tried to quit the habit. Over 70 per cent started tobacco consumption with cigarettes and the average weekly spend is Rs. 380. When asked about the ill-effects of consuming tobacco, over 80 per cent respondents stated that they are aware of the fact that smoking/chewing tobacco causes lung/mouth/throat cancer. Respondents in all centers except in Mumbai identified strong addiction to tobacco as the primary hindrance in quitting smoking/chewing tobacco.

The survey also revealed 62 per cent increased smoking consumption since they feel it is a good stress reliever, 54 per cent smoke more due to work pressure and 42 per cent because of problems in personal life.

The study also helped the brand understand that only 45 per cent of respondents have a health insurance cover.

social media survey

Achal Deoda Business Head North and West, KRDS India quoted, “Social media platforms and digital mediums are increasingly becoming go to platforms to understand the lifestyle choices consumers make. The ability to focus on several demographic communities not only helps the brands to conduct primary researches on niche topics but also further understand their digital content consumption patterns and lifestyle choices at large. Increased focus on such activities will definitely have a positive business impact.”

The initiative helped the brand understand a primarary lifestyle pattern with its causes while creating awareness about this henious habit.