Instagram will allow monitoring comments on personal posts


Instagram finally appears to have applied the finishing touches to the anti-bullying feature they were testing on celebrity accounts.

The feature will now be rolled out to the regular 500 million users on the photo sharing platform. It was aimed at preventing online abuse and harassment from online trolls and bullies and has been received well by users.

Users can filter comments on their posts and turn off comments altogether on a post if they wish. Instagram will also screen and block comments that contain words that have been flagged by the user previously.

Harassment can range from hateful or insulting comments, unsolicited and vulgar courting and it is not limited to celebrities.

According to data from digital security firm Norton, 76% users have experienced some sort of harassment and abuse. Another study by Pew Research Centre, 40% of people have experienced abuse on the internet at some point.

Taylor Swift who had recently been in the midst of an Instagram harassment attack due to her feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian; she was also one of the first few celebrities who were granted access to the beta version of the recent update.

Countering online abuse and harassment will be an easy task owing to the new update and will go a long way in making Instagram a safer place for users to share and interact with their loved ones.