LinkedIn crossed 100 million mark in Asia Pacific

LinkedIn crossed the 100 million users mark in the Asia Pacific region with the Indian market contributing a whopping 37 million users to the number.

Indeed a significant milestone, it now means the platform for professional networking has over 450 million users worldwide. The Asia Pacific region (APAC) accounts to approximately 22% of LinkedIn’s user base globally and India continues to be the second largest user base behind United States.

The company has witnessed a considerable rise in the number of users in the Asia Pacific region and are very optimistic with regards to further growth in this market.

Olivier Legrand, Managing Director, LinkedIn Asia Pacific and Japan was ecstatic in his statement, “The rapid pace at which we doubled our member base from 50 to 100 million members makes this milestone even more special. It also reflects a growing understanding of the economic value of personal branding and a global professional network. At this scale, LinkedIn is in an even stronger position to help members connect to economic opportunity, whether it’s a new job, a promotion or other business opportunities.”

And expressed optimism for the future as he added, “With 40 percent or 280 million of the world’s professionals living and working in Asia Pacific, there’s still plenty of runway for us to grow, particularly in the segments related to students and young professionals, the fastest-growing demographic on LinkedIn. As the region continues to gain momentum as a key economic driver, we can’t wait to see our members become even more successful and extend their influence across the world.”

To boost the user experience and provide improved connectivity in the region, LinkedIn had recently unveiled a new data centre in Singapore in April 2016.

The new data centre cost LinkedIn $80 million and the company was acquired by Microsoft for $26.2 billion in June 2016.

LinkedIn is making no mistakes as the Asia Pacific region is one with most growth potential and they look forward to expanding their user base much further.