Ola says save the environment and #DoYourShare

Aishwaria Sonavane
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Ola says save the environment and #DoYourShare
Barry Commoner once said some thought-provoking words, “Environmental pollution is an incurable disease. It can only be prevented.”  We, humans are the only hope left for this prevention and as records suggest we are clearly failing at it.

Embracing automotive technology in our metropolitan lifestyle, we’ve turned a frightening blind eye towards our degrading environment, keeping luxury at priority. Ola, the Indian online transportation network company, sardonically brought this to our notice, via Twitter, urging us to #DoYourShare towards the atmosphere.


Satire spreads faster than preaching and Ola, seems to have grasped on this phenomenon as their digital campaign speaks for itself. The brand itself being an transportation and mobility took up the responsibility to funnel the attention of people towards the deteriorating air quality of our country. Through their first step towards this population control the brand targeted three capital cities that are pretty well-known for the population of cars on their streets and pollution in their air.

Easy to guess, Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore made it on the Ola list. To introduce the campaign, the brand posted a video on their social handles, titled #DoYourShare. The video had casual and candid shots of people going on with their blame games for their fellow residents of other cities. Humor through exaggeration or maybe not, people kept mentioning the drawbacks of the other city by pointing fingers and making remarks about the thick air filled with carbon monoxide in Delhi or the only fresh air Bangalore-ans can get is by ordering it online or how Mumbai people don’t need an air freshener as they barely got any air and so on.

The conversation elevated quickly where Ola came in towards conclusion to give Mumbaikars, Delhiites and Bangaloreans an opportunity to prove it that their city is better by inviting them to join the challenge.  They urged people to book an Ola Share and ditch their personal cars to reduce the carbon dioxide of their city by 400 tonnes before Independence Day.

The next step

After this informal conversational video the brand took their challenge offline but kept up the score updated through their social handles. The target was to reduce 400 tonnes of carbon dioxide and the race was on between the cities.

The campaign is powered by WRI, a global research organization working on critical goals that the world must achieve this decade in order to secure a sustainable future

The brand was charged up and so were the people as it kept counting timely and shared the score on the social media. Creatives were shared determining the city scores of each day from August 3rd to August 15th.

They even took support from influencers from each city, like cricketer Robin Aiyuda Uthappa urged his Bangalore fellows to share their cabs, while celebrities Mandira Bedi and Ranvijay Singh supported Mumbai and Delhi respectively. These influencers through their personal handles shared a video of them supporting this initiative.

Win-win initiative  

The Ola Share initiative worked both ways and with a good intention of benefiting their brand, Ola also marketed themselves through the digital portal hand in hand rescuing the environment.

The campaign marked success on social media as it received 502k views on Facebook since its launch on August 9th, it was also shared 535 times and 3.7k positive reactions till date and pumped up people to take their city on the top. The psychology behind the campaign was to push people for their city to #DoYourShare. The hashtag was a word play smartly executed to acknowledge both, the brand and the idea to work on the problem of air pollution.

One more commendable exercise we observed was how the brand was socially active and shared an intimate relationship with their customers as they actively shared their contributions.

Overall, the campaign works in both favors and actually is driven to get some results and simultaneously get traffic on their service.


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