Social Media Tool Feature – Viralwoot


About the tool!

Viralwoot is a management & marketing suite, which is used to manage your Pinterest activities in a streamlined manner. This super-suite of Pinterest is quite effective in handling all your Pinterest activities, starting from optimizing your pins, to customization of your content to automated pin scheduling to creating campaigns.

Business owners can ensure to use this fantastic tool to completely leave their Pinterest marketing in safe hands. In addition to this, we also ensure to provide the Account Management Services, using which we will provide A to Z of all your Pinterest account activity in an effective manner.

Pinterest is the second largest growing social media network after Tumblr. Plus more than 80% of its users have purchased more than once using Pinterest. Shoppers and brands are pouring-in on Pinterest at an increasing rate of 111%.

Viralwoot provides the business owners and marketing professional a golden chance to increase their brand’s reach and hike the brand’s visibility accordingly.

Who founded the company?

SaaS Labs is founded by two tech-savvy and crazy siblings Gaurav Sharma and Ammrita Sharma. Since childhood only, Gaurav was interested in solving other’s problems; plus he loved coding before the time he had dated anyone. So, his zeal of solving problems and coding combined in producing a company named as SaaS Labs.

A chemical engineer by profession, Gaurav is a hard working but chilled out CEO every employee in this world wishes for. His younger sister and co-founder of SaaS Labs, Ammrita Sharma is the COO. A bubbly and joyful nature wise, Ammrita truly understands the requirements of each task, project and strategy. She continuously works with the marketing and content department to make sure that whatever message is being communicated to the outer world, its relevant and attractive.

Seeing the immense potential Pinterest possesses, Gaurav and Ammrita planned to make a solution-driven tool that can reduce the load and investment companies, bloggers and similar entities are putting in managing their Pinterest account. Since many professionals fails to predict the immense potential, which remains untouched even till now, so Viralwoot is an attempt from SaaS Labs to render the real advantage this stupendous platform possesses.

What platforms does it cover?

As told, Viralwoot covers Pinterest an interest based platform, where individuals post images that inspire them. Since Pinterest alone draws more traffic than Reddit, Tumblr, and Youtube combined, you can just imagine how attractive and tempting this dais is.

Pinterest is a social media site, so Viralwoot is indirectly a social media marketing tool only.

Features of the tool?

Currently Viralwoot has been catering to the diverse requirements of more than 70,000 users across the globe. Basically, Viralwoot has following features:

Instagram Scheduler (iOS): Schedule your Instagram pictures on IOS app using Viralwoot.

Pinterest Scheduler: Schedule your pins as per your requirement on Viralwoot.

Increase Pinterest Following: Guaranteed increased followers on your Pinterest account. (Customized solution).

Pinterest Analytics: Provides you insight of each activity on your Pinterest account. This feature provides stats and data related to your pins, boards and profile popularity.

Pinterest Content Manager: Optimizes your content in order to increase your Pinterest profile’s reach and visibility.

Pinterest Influencer Manager: Gives away the right influencer you need for your Pinterest profile to gain more users.

Pinterest Schedule Extension: Renders you with a Viralwoot button on your Google Chrome browser.

What analytics support does the tool provide?

Viralwoot has a feature named as “Pinterest Analytics”. Using this feature, you can simply find out your best pins, worst pins, best performing boards, what interest most your target audience, what is the best time to pin, and similar information in the form of stats. These stats will provide much help to your marketing manager, in order to understand and fill the bottleneck that is avoiding you to reach your marketing objectives.

Does it give an option to download reports?

No. Currently there is no option like that.

What kind of sentiment analysis does it do and how accurate is it?

Viralwoot ensures to tell you many attributes related to your target audience. It tells you your best pins, which in turn will tell you that what your audience likes best, what they like least and how should you plan your next campaigns.

It also tells you what sort of topics your target audience is interested in, so that you can optimize your boards in the same manner. Along with this, Viralwoot also provides you information about what sort of pins or images would interest your target audience least. You can assure no waste pins for future.

Road Map

Our Future plan is to make Viralwoot as a number one automated tool for visual marketing platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and similar.

The Team

Our team incorporates two of our senior management professionals. Our CEO and COO to whom I have already done the introduction are the coolest and sincere enough to make our workforce work in tandem with the company’s objectives.

Apart from that, we have our tech team, which includes one of the best brains in our company. Our coders ensure to design, maintain, test and carry the best B2B solution-driven products.

Then we have our marketing team, which ensures to communicate the exact message that our product wants to deliver to the target audience.

Our content team makes sure to streamline all the content related to our product, website, blog, newsletter and allied.

Our graphics team assists the content and marketing team as per their requirement.
Then, we have our HR team, that ensures to provide best people needed.

Are you hiring?

Yes we are expanding our team aggressively.