Social Samosa Agency Feature – CodeRang


Who are we?

CodeRang is an insight driven 360-degree digital media agency, founded by Akshansh Khosla in December 2015, with the aim to revive old businesses that lack oomph to stand out in today’s competitive market.

Apart from creating meaningful experiences for our clients online to help them engage with their customers in the right way, we also improve their revenue and their future in the market through digital marketing and branding.

The founder – Akhansh Khosla, is a graduate from Bits Pilani and a post-graduate from University of Maryland but his true calling has always been entrepreneurship. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, he was destined to follow the family ‘tradition’ and that’s how he landed on the idea of starting his own agency.

The in-house team encompasses of graphic designers, animators, art directors, SEO specialists, SMO specialists, PPC certified personnel, web developers, sales and marketing specialists.

What’s in the name?

CodeRang, is an amalgamation of technology and creativity. Like the name suggests it is an agency that adds ‘rang’ or color to businesses and brands that lack it. We are a team of creative technologists that helps intersect creativity, strategies and ideas to those in need of our services.

What we do?

We are a budding MARCOM Agency and we try to explore new avenues in the world of digital media.

Digital Marketing
– Pay-Per-Click
– Search Engine Optimization
– Social Media Optimization
– Search Engine Marketing
– Online Reputation Management
– E-mail Marketing
– Content Marketing

We offer strategies and solutions for

Brand Designs
UI Designs
Responsive Web Designs

Data & Analytics
Conversion Optimization
Analytics Report
Data Mining

Web Development

Why we do it?

We strive to endow our clients with comprehensive and custom solutions for all their online needs to help them generate brand awareness, increase their revenues and to help them stand a chance in this market.
We as an organization understand that every business has its own individual stance and culture that sets it apart from its competitors. Therefore, it is of supreme importance to us to be able to reflect these individual aspects.

How we evolve?

To keep up with the trends we carry out a lot of first-hand and second-hand research. We try to get an understanding of what works and what doesn’t and we also keep tabs of the market requirement(s). Apart from that, we have learned to become very flexible when it comes to a customer’s stance, culture and needs.

Social responsibility in social media

We ensure whatever we do is done with 100% dedication and honesty. Many companies are plagiarizing work and passing it off as their own or they’re spreading false information.

We don’t promote fibs or plagiarism and neither should other agencies.

Need of the hour

Privacy, identity theft and plagiarism are major concerns today. Somebody should do something about that to curb ill practices.

We learned the hard way

Not every product is going to sell on Social Media.
Fake likes and comments won’t get you anywhere. Be wary of such practices.

Did we just share that?

Once a client forced us to promote a post that stated children below the age of 18 can’t use Facebook. He later realized his mistake and laughed about it for hours.

They work with us

Arena Animation
Aptech Institute
IIMT Group of Colleges
Paint Flip
Blue House
Go Himalayan
Twiss Drink
Red Cross
Gurgaon Fashion Week
Grow More Home Automation
Best Animation School

Industry as we foresee

The Indian Social Media industry is yet to grow. Now that all businesses are foraying online, we believe that the demand for agencies like ours will increase. Social Media isn’t about likes anymore. Your reach, visibility, presence and impact matter a lot which is why many are integrating to digital promotion and branding.

A day without Internet

Let’s hope that day never comes.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are hiring, especially content writers.