Tango – India’s First Self Serve Twitter Influencer Platform

According to data by ION, 81 per cent of marketers who have used influencer marketing judged it to be effective. Initiating a campaign isn’t a problem anymore, the problem lies in what follows – how is the campaign being received? How do you steer direction basis the initial response? And how do you monitor the response in the first place?

Though tools do offer solutions to the aforementioned challenges, it still can be difficult to do multiple tasks. In an attempt to dig out a possible solution, we tried our hands on Tango from TeraReach.

Tango offers a solution to the top 3 issues faced by brands and agencies, i.e., creating consistent engagement, campaign managment, and measuring the results of campaign. The software claims to have a nimble network of 1500+ registered influencers categorized across 15+ categories based on data.

Campaign initiation

To begin with, the user has to click on Create Campaign and fill out details such as Campaign Name, Screen Name, Hashtag, and the campaign’s start and end date. Right here, Tango asks the quantum of influencer you need (you can get up to 1500 influencers for one campaign). The platform also offers flexibility in terms of the tweets needed per influencer as well.


Advance Campaign allows the user to pick specific demographics to target. Once the users initiates the campaign, they can determine the influencers they need under the Shortlist Influencers section. After all the resources are confirmed, users can go live with the campaign and you get to see the management interface LIVE.

Measuring results

As the campaign goes live, Tango gives the option of tracking live updates. Users can check on the influencers’ performace and the progress of the campaign. Under the Stats & Reports section, the brand can see exactly how many tweets have been done with the given hashtag, the number of users participating, and the reach and impressions garnered.


Tango’s report offers   specifics, such as average follower count, tweet per contributor, and content split of the campaign. A major  plus point is that the tool gives  an exact  measure of how the paid as well as earned media for the campaign is performing. Brands also have the option of keeping a real-time check on the campaign.

Besides common data,  users can compare and benchmark against campaigns, search and locate the key triggers of  theircampaign, that will help them significantly bring up their game.

And well, hello agencies! Tango looks like it offers white labeling for large agencies and enterprises to help them control their campaigns and stay on top of their reports. Nice move!

Here are a concise pointers reviewing the tool:


  • User Friendly UI
  • Hassle-Free Campaign Management
  • White-Labeling for Agencies
  • Paid Vs Unpaid performance of campaign


  • We would like to see other platforms integrated
  • Improved Analytics on Organic Performance

Tango scores well  in terms of simplicity,  even with its agile offerings, quick campaign execution, and precision of data. We have reached out to their team for inputs about their plans and way forward. Let’s see what they have up their sleeve.