Twitter rolls out Quality Filter to fight abusive content and spam

twitter quality filter

Twitter has released their new Quality Filter feature that blocks obscene, spammy, and threatening tweets.

In a move to assign more control to users over the content they see, Quality Filter as the name suggests elevates the quality of content one can see on their feed. Although it won’t block tweets from followed accounts and other accounts the user has recently interacted with.

For as long as one can remember, Twitter users have complained about one particular drawback, harassment and repetitive spammy tweets. One of micro-blogging platform’s biggest strengths is that it connects users from all over the world, and as a result, everyone can say anything to anyone.

Celebrities on Twitter are have time and again beet at the receiving end of abuse and harassment, hence Twitter’s decision to test the feature out with verified accounts was smart.

Many users may remember Ghostbusters’ actress Leslie Jones deleting her Twitter account after she came under attack from racist tweets, such incidents can be prevented in future with the help of Quality Filter.

The Quality Filter uses behavioral patterns and also filters out tweets with abusive language or content that Twitter finds to be automated, thereby only providing high quality interactive or informative tweets, for users who do not wish to be pestered by spammy promotions or unsolicited tweets directed at them.

After being tested with verified accounts for quite sometime, Twitter finally believe they have perfected the feature but remain open to improving it over the course of time.

Another minor update to the Notifications tab grants users the ability to filter out notifications from people they do not follow on Twitter.

Keeping the virtual freedom of expression intact, Twitter has found a balanced solution for harassment by not restricting users from tweeting as they wish to, but giving users the option of choosing not to see tweets they wouldn’t wish to see.