Viu India asked users about their #FriendsOfAKind

“Welcome to the real world! It sucks – you’re going to love it!” Remember when Monica said that to Rachel? That’s when every 20 something teared up smiling and nodded insistently in agreement with the Geller-Green conversation- could Friends BE any more relatable?

The introductory song almost immediately became our life’s anthem, when you associated with your job being a joke, you always being broke or your love life was DOA but thank God for people in our lives who still said, I’ll be there for you, sinking in the same boats.  For our chosen family, the world makes merry out of this occasion as Friendships Day on the first Sunday of August.

Tribute to Friends

“Friends will always make you feel that, they will love you despite of who you are,” said Viu the one stop destination for entertainment. This video on demand service brand ran a social media campaign through the popular Sitcom Friends to commemorate Friendships Day. Attributing to the relatable nature of this show, the brand published a creative, dedicated to each Friend accenting their core traits.

The album of six creatives,  leveraged the fame  of Friends and further invited fans to connect the F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ characteristics with their friends and tag them to make them a part of this engaging campaign.

Through this campaign, Solomo Media endeavored to garner visibility taking the cover of cult television series and get some spotlight for Viu, through the themed campaign. Being our friends for two decades now, through the screens, Friends have nestled a sweet spot in our hearts and became a conscious part of our conversations. Building on these sentiments attached to the show, the brand developed a campaign revolving the idea around friendship finding a common ground  for people of various age groups.

Creating the campaign creative

We all have #FriendsOfAKind; we all have a little bit or whole of The Gellers, Green, Bing, Tribbiani, and Buffay within us. Owing to its magnetism, the illustrations was a mirror to their characters asking people to tag their similar friends – like the studious nerd Ross, the one who can’t stop cleaning because of their Obsessive Compulsive Disorder like Monica, the Rachel-like shopaholic, fashion guru friend, the lame clown sarcastic Chandler, the flaky, bizarre like Phoebe or the Sandwich aficionado foodie like Joey.

With Friends series theme on the Friendships Day, Solomo Media with their brainchild kickstarted an engaging idea which worked further on an already established idea, thus giving Viu as a brand recognition and aiding to build its image to be easy-going and trendy through a sitcom based campaign.

The campaigns possessed the core nature of these characters which somewhere communicated to a majority and reached unswervingly to the fans which resonated the success of the campaign, teaming up intelligibly with the occasion and bringing out a product that embelished Facebook suitable for the occasion.