[Infographic] Apple Keynote - The Social Media Footprint

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Sep 09, 2016 13:47 IST
[Infographic] Apple Keynote - The Social Media Footprint

Apple Keynote on the seventh of September marked the unveiling of the iPhone 7, the seventh edition of the world’s best selling phone from the world’s most valuable company. Even a virtual Noah would be ineffective when dealing with the hashtag flood that erupted on social media that night.

Apple’s events have always generated considerable interest on social media, each more than the other. The Keynote triggered a barrage of memes and video content on social timelines.

Starting from the moment curtains were pulled up and the new iPhone 7 was revealed, to the moment Apple indicated the demise of the earphone jack, #iphone7 dominated online conversation across the world. The United States, Great Britain and India were the top 3 countries talking about it. Check out the social footprint of Apple Keynote in this Infographic from Prophesee

PropheSee _ Apple Keynote Sept 2016

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