#BlingTheRing popularized Intex’s new smartphone on social media

Intex campaign #BlingTheRing




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As Intex suggests, smartphone is a perfect combination of technology, style and ahead of their new smartphone launch, the brand that is of Indian origin, manufacturer of smartphones, consumer electronics and IT accessories did it with Bling.


The brand aimed at engaging with their audience and introducing their product and its features on the digital platform to promote it.


Intex launched an all new Smartphone Aqua Ring and to promote the same, they ran a campaign under #BlingTheRing and #IntexAquaRing through which they conducted various activities. Through their campaign, they initiated multiple activities and ran contests to funnel the attention of their audiences.

Through the contest they asked their fans ‘How would they show off their unique styles in various situations’ and the fans had to reply in the wittiest ways using the hashtag.

The hashtag was also used to reveal the various features and traits of this new product, using illustrations. They spoke about the dragon glass of the phone that stays tough, also expressing how Aqua Ring unites style with safety. Along with that boasted about the 1.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor with 1 GB RAM and Android 6.0 Marshmallow or the stunning 12.7 cm (5) HD IPS Display and battery of 2450 mAh.


The brand openly laid out the features for their audience and ran a thriving digital campaign throwing spotlight on their product.


On Facebook, the five posts reached 327679 people, created 300607 engagements and 384393 impressions. While on Twitter the 4 tweets generated 26,951 impressions and 2196 re-tweets.

368 users contributed to the hashtag thereby reaching out to 2.7 million people and garnering 15 million timeline deliveries. #BlingTheRing received 67.9% positive sentiments, 31% neutral and 1.1% negative reactions.

#BlingTheRing managed to create buzz around their product launch with precision and panache. #IntexAquaRing also made rounds on the social platforms where 2.20% was the engagement rate, 291312 impressions, it also received 5159 re-tweets, 9587 replies, 4154 likes, 9765 mentions and also gained 129 followers.

The total tweets earned 336.4k impressions over four days and also managed to reach 103,756 accounts. It also managed to get on the trend list on the second position all over India.

Intex was also featured in the section called as ‘The weekly Twitter Advertiser Index’ that lists the brands which have generated most engagement with users on the platform (Brand Equity – Economic Times today).

They were also ranked at number 3rd position featuring their Intex Aqua Ring contest (launched with Amazon). The same has appeared in the print edition of The Economic Times, leaving their competitors far behind.


#BlingTheRing and #IntexAquaRing managed to create buzz around their product launch with precision and panache.