[Case Study] Absolut takes a colourful route to launch their limited edition bottle in India

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Absolut blended the colors of life to pioneer an iconic shell which represents expression, creativity and freedom for the different tinge of life.


In an exclusive setting of events, the iconic brand aimed to launch its globally much-admired Absolut Colors in India through a digital campaign titled, #LoveIsAbsolutColors to promote art and creativity.

Above all, the activity was intended to drive eyeballs of the right set of audience who cared about the right to expression, the right to love and the right to choose what they want to.


Drawing inspiration from Gilbert Baker, the limited edition sings the bold saga of a rhetoric brand that connects to every facet of the modern day society; the collaboration was an extension of Absolut’s support for the elevation of creativity and self-expression

Sticking to its legacy of launching ground-breaking and innovatory version of its traditional product packaging, this limited edition Absolut Colors has been dressed in the insignia of the famous pride flag made in 1977 to put across the message of solidarity, love and respect for diversity.

Six faces that live by the depth of each color were taken to carry the Absolut flag in their own way; graphic designer Anusha Yadav, endorsed the color Red, Jeff Roy, a film producer and a healer, represented the essence of the color Orange, Anuvab Pal, the comic superstar, portrayed the color yellow, Sanaya Ardeshir, popular by name of Sand Dunes, represents the color of mother nature, Green, while the color blue which represents harmony and artistry was supported by Canvas artist Sharmistha Ray  and finally Parmesh Shahani, the author of book Gay Bombay rode the Purple wagon.

Ready to be relished, the amplification turned out to be a challenge as the six colours that bring out the personality of the bottle had to be consciously aware of the true essence of the beverage.

Keeping all these aspects in place, the creative team of the brand designed concept #LoveIsAbsolutColors that collaborated with six hues of their new launch simultaneously not losing the crux of the brand. Content pillars and key messages were deigned around every color and were used in a day long trivia on Twitter.

Sushant Divgikar, Mr Gay India 2014 took up to social media to express his excitement following the launch which garnered massive traction from their target audiences. His social media page was beaming with colours as he became an ideal influencer to boost the campaign #LoveIsAbsolutColors which itself spoke volume about the brand identity.

The trivia ignited the freedom of expression amongst the Twitter community and in return the brand saw itself sailing through the walls of Twitter profiles with their hashtag being celebrated all over the digital platform.The brand even leveraged on the poll feature that Twitter has to offer even sharing GIFs thus creating an exciting blend of events.

Every color was associated with love in its own way as #LoveIsRed, #LoveIsOrange, #LoveIsYellow, #LoveIsGreen, #LoveIsBlue and #LoveIsViolet got space on the brand's handle for two hours each where netizens portrayed their imagination associated with these colors through social media and finally #LoveIsAbsolutColors was the talk of the social-town for six hours.


With over 34,500+ tweets and mentions, the six color hashtags were seen right at the top of Twitter trends for over 16 hours. The day long campaign resulted in 30% increase in number of Twitter followers and 10,000+ conversations on brand’s Twitter handle.

The day long trend was followed by a mega launch party in Mumbai which witnessed stars like Sushant Divgikar, who followed the Twitter conversations and made it to the venue to celebrate the freedom of expression.

The offline event that wooed the audience was shared through their digital handle to make their audience a part of this journey.

The event which looked like a rainbow of colours witnessed the premiere of the short film “Dancing Queens: It’s All About Family”, made by Jeff Roy on the transgender community in India followed by an interesting talk session by the author of Gay Bombay, Parmesh Sahani who read few lines from the book and briefed the audience about the vast change in the way society accepts LGBT community in the contemporary urban India. Later, the artists present at the occasion unveiled the Absolut Colors. The event concluded with a standup comedy act by the famous comedian Anuvab Pal.

In all, Absolut managed to pull a full house show across social and on ground with their ability to think beyond the conventional means of advertising, similar to what the Absolut Color bottle marked in a society which has scattered opinions around encouraged people to be who they are.

Through their social media activities, they managed to create their individualistic identities set at par from their competitors which not only created a brand re-call but their bold support for the message of solidarity, love and respect for diversity which got them the deserved attention.

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