[Case Study] Kit Kat gives Twitter trending a new meaning with #MyBreak


Kit Kat India



Deciding to do something different on social media in terms of marketing, Kit Kat India created an appealing and unconventional promotional campaign on Twitter.


Kit Kat India wished to create a promotional campaign around their long running theme of ‘taking a break’ and to give their fans a Twitter break they had never experienced before with #MyBreak


Keeping in mind the core idea for the campaign which was ‘Whoever you are, however you break, we have a break for you’, Kit Kat India created content mirroring the active trends on Twitter. The idea was built on the insight that people come to Twitter, looking for a break & they end up consuming content. Thus, using existing trends such as traffic or weather to their advantage, the brand suggested quirky ways of taking #MyBreak.

Speaking about the campaign Saugata Bagchi- Business Head, Quasar said, “People often come to twitter to take a break and with KitKat’s positioning of “taking a break” we knew we had a great story to tell. However, it needed to be done unconventionally to create buzz. Using interesting creative formats that haven’t been used before on twitter, we’ve tried to create a campaign that people will find interesting & relevant and at the same time communicate the brand narrative well.”

The campaign was executed over a duration of five days on Twitter. Alongside active trends, Kit Kat India created a bank of creative illustrations and other content relevant to the topics on Twitter to further augment real time engagement of the campaign.

Breaking the mould of saturated content available on Twitter, the brand formulated personalized content based on user interaction with their official handle, @KitKatIndia, for an enriching, personal and fresh break experience among followers.


The campaign came through spectacularly as it delivered 5x trend engagement rates as compared to regular trend hashtags, #MyBreak amassed more than 40m impressions of total campaign reach on Twitter.

Over the duration of five days, #MyBreak yielded more than 94k engagement and 17k mentions on Twitter, with an average of 20k engagement per day. Collective trend impressions number 16m which was approximately 15% more than that of promoted trends.

Kit Kat India’s Twitter handle witnessed an increase in the number of followers by 33% over one week of time. The tweet engagement rate was over 10% , the highest peaking at 16%.

Kit Kat India’s quirky take delighted many a Twitter users, who took the break they deserved.