[Case study] Total lubricants creates Mr. GaltiMaan to promote #TotalMonsoonSafety


Total Lubricants



Monsoon in India is a concern for vehicle owners, especially due to the craggy roads. Total Lubricants being a brand that believes in safe driving, wanted to hit the cause without trying to be too preachy.


To promote road safety and inculcate the habit of safe and cautious driving.


Through a dip stick analysis, across 10 Tier 1 cities, it was found that the most common way to apologize is by saying “sorry!”

Thus, a character called Galtimaan was created, because the audience would be able to connect with the name and it held easy recall value. The communication, with the character, remained constant throughout the series of videos and GIFs. The one message of #TotalMonsoonSafety was the aim of all the media.

Instead of being preachy, Galtimaan was pre-owned, who remains an ignorant person. Six situations were highlighted in which Mr. GaltiMaan always experienced a road mishap. Stories of Galtimaan were covered through an animated series of six videos in addition to videos and GIFs that carried road safety tips or general awareness.

As a brand, Total Lubricants urged people to stay safe on the roads. Thus, it was decided to use the hashtag #TotalMonsoonSafety. The brand’s realization that humor works best on social media kept the character’s storyline whirling around silly mistakes conjoined to road mishaps

Six animated videos were created to showcase the common mistakes riders make on the road. Additionally the communication preached safety measures that were traversed through GIFs.


#TotalMonsoonSafety was an instant success due to the uniqueness of the content and the storyline of the character, Mr. Galtimaan. The videos and GIFs combined received more than 2 lakh views and more than 22,000 users reacted to them.

The message of ‘Road Safety’ was received well by the existing fans as well as new fans were acquired during the campaign, thus leading to the achievement of the overall objective.