They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but when it comes to Twitter it’s downright hilarious, witty and more often than not nasty leaving us gagging. A blend of current events, social causes, campaigns, satire, pop culture or a stream of perception, here’s a list of parody accounts that will leave you in splits.

Prey to parody, politicians to celebrities and sportsmen, Twitter is mocking them all and it’s safe to say that these  parody accounts are way better than the original ones.

Arnab Goswami (@JusticeArnab)

The throne bearer of the controversial and oh-so-loud News Hour, Editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami has his own parody account which speaks about everything that ‘The nation wants to know’. Having 47.8k followers, this account has a lot of humor to share.

Arvind Kejriwal (@fakeriwal)

As the bio says, the humor revolution has just began, the parody account of Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal aka Fekriwal as the user name suggests has a total of 17.7k followers which shares political puns and mocks controversial statements.

PM Narendra Modi (@NorinderMudi)

Twitter did not even spare our honored Prime Minister, with over 19.7k followers. The bio is a gist of hilarity that this parody account has to offer, which says ‘no DM pls, only PM’ and also suggests ‘RTz= flying dhoklas’

Ravindra Jadeja (@SirJadejaaaa)

With 22.7k followers, cricketer Sir Ravindra Jadeja’s account too inclines towards comedy to put across his ideas and taking a dig at politicians, journalists and everyone possible.

Sachin Tendulkar (@Trendulkar)

After almost every celebrity having a parody account, how could one keep the master blaster away from the picture? With 116k followers, the parody account of Sachin Tendulkar is the one to follow.

Virendra Sehwag (@Virendrsehwag)

When it comes to cricketing legend Virendra Sehwag, it’s hard to choose which account is better, though the original account takes the cake his parody account reflects similar wit and humor.

Mukesh Ambani (@FakeAmbaniji)

Industrialist Mukesh Ambani too falls in the league of the parody accounts which will leave you in splits. For a full dose of mockery and spoof, this page should be immediately followed.

Bobby Deol (@bobbydeol_)

Hilarious tribute to this one-time actor turned into a DJ now, his parody account relives his Bollywood movies, songs and possesses 22.7k followers.

Kim Jong (@KimJongNumberUn)

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong has its own parody account which definitely has a better sense of humor than him.

Mark Zuckerberg (@notzuckerberg)

The father of social media giant, Zuckerberg has its own parody account which mocks Facebook. Having 19.9k followers currently, this account is winning Twitter through upbeat humor.

Donald Trump (@RealDonaldDrumpf)

It’s internet’s favorite hobby to mock American Presidential candidate Donald Trump and his parody twitter account is doing exactly the same.

Parody on Twitter is synonymous to some far-fetched hilarity, as these accounts churn out content by tweaking celebratory personalities it maybe offensive to some, amusing for plenty but a must-follow for all.

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