Facebook’s Analytics for Apps receives new features and updates

facebook analytics

Facebook’s Analytics for Apps feature is receiving a string of new features, that will make tracking audience behaviour and content performance seamless and much easier.

Improved cross platform metrics and web measurement (beta) and an update to sharing insights for smoother integration of online and offline customer data are some of the few features the company announced.

According to data offered by Facebook, more than 53% of users who own two devices, switch between them to complete tasks or activities and more than 77% of people who have three or more devices to do the same.

Earlier, viewing cross platform metrics was a little complicated, but now tracking metrics for different platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows etc is easier as the information can be viewed in one place.

Web measurement and cross-platform metrics


As stated on the official Facebook for Developers blog, “We’ve made it as easy as possible for businesses to view cross-platform metrics for their websites and apps. Millions of businesses already embed our JavaScript SDK for Facebook Login, sharing and more, and we’re excited to extend this SDK to support Facebook App Events. These app events are identical to those you use in your native mobile app, providing a seamless cross-platform measurement experience. You’ll be able to grow your business by having a unified view of all of the activity across your app and website.”

Millions of businesses already use the Facebook pixel to create audiences and measure the effectiveness of their web advertising campaigns. Facebook pixel customers will now automatically get insights in Analytics for Apps without the need to change their existing pixel implementation. Just visit the analytics dashboard and select Facebook pixel from the drop-down. Facebook plans to backfill your historical data soon.”

Additionally to boost the chances of going viral, Facebook has updated sharing insights to offer trends and demographics, to track activity on websites and apps, so now businesses can pinpoint the content performing well on Facebook.

By using sharing insights one can now know the populartity of their content based on articles published in the last 10 hours and popularity of URLs in the last 5 hours. It ranks the better performing articles with a star based ranking system, with five stars being the highest.

Sharing Insights Virality feature


Facebook is adding ‘User Properties’ that lets businesses integrate online and offline customer data, and it includes information from a company’s CRM and profile data.

Integrating this information into their strategies may help businesses boost their chances of going viral by sticking to a strategy that is working or altering it if such is not the case. Also businesses can create a custom audience from the people who have already connected with a business or app.

Being used by more than 800,000 apps as proclaimed by Facebook since its inception in 2015, the newer features will help Facebook bring on more apps on board, as most crucially, Analytics for Apps is FREE!