Facebook to highlight what friends are talking about*

Facebook is testing a new feature with their Android mobile users which will showcase and highlight what your friends are talking about.

This latest feature from Facebook may be available to users on other platforms too but there haven’t been reports suggesting that yet. First spotted by the team at Mashable, the feature seems like an attempt to make the active time on Facebook more social.

Facebook Friends talking about

(Image Source : Mashable)

As they have stated repeatedly in the past, Facebook’s priority is bringing friends and family closer, and this may be another step in that particular direction.The company regularly tests new features with a small number of users in order to gauge audience interest and feedback, and iron out the kinks if any.

There isn’t much information available as to how the feature works although it could be safe to assume that it will highlight posts based on the friends who interact the most; or family members listed by a user.

Facebook wants to make sure users do not miss out on their loved ones’ posts in the ocean of advertising, news, memes and other media that occupies Facebook.

The test results will determine whether this feature will be made available to everyone. Is the feature available on your mobile device? What are your thoughts about it?