[Infographic] Instagram Stories VS Snapchat Stories : Who Wins ?

Instagram stories

The infographic gives a view of who is a winner between Instagram and Snapchat Stories.

When Instagram Stories first came out, it generated a lot of news about how the Facebook owned photo sharing platform had allegedly copied their rival platform’s feature.

Instagram CEO admitted to being inspired by Snapchat and eventually the dust settled, news articles dried out and users were left with one question: How are they different from each other?

For the first time, the two rival platforms were competing directly with features that weren’t very different from each other. The key aspects that separate Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories are not their features per se.

Let us find out how Instagram and Snapchat fare when all their features are compared to each other along with their user base and functionality with the help of this infographic.


This infographic was originally published by Mediakix.