[Interview] Candid conversation with YouTube sensation Shraddha Sharma

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Sep 13, 2016 06:07 IST
Shradha Sharma interview
Talent needs no Godfather in the times of YouTube and Shradha Sharma was one of the first artists to show this to the world. From a kid with a guitar in her room in Dehradun to a viral sensation working with brands - Sharma didn't only turn her life around with social media but managed to become an inspiration to millions. In a candid conversation with Social Samosa, Shradha Sharma shares her life changing social journey.

You are an inspiration to a lot of independent artists, tell us a bit about your journey from a commoner to a YouTuber? How did YouTube happen to you!

My journey has been a beautiful journey, full of roller coasters but absolutely a great one up till now. Never thought would get such good opportunities in such less time. When I started in Dehradun, I never imagined I would manage to get so far but I have been blessed with such good people around me who supported me throughout this beautiful journey. Though there is still a long way to go and I am looking forward to it. Starting singing songs on YouTube was not planned at all, I started singing for family and friends but it turned out to get a lot of views fetching me my first hundred subscribers

In this span of 5 years, you have seen it all. Share your all time high & low moment

Well surprisingly I managed to see more than I expected but my all time high moment was this gig where I was playing for some five thousand college students and they started cheering for me calling out my name, all at once. That is a moment I can never forget. Talking about low moments, we all have our flaws and I like to learn from them and move on rather than remembering them.

 You have a great fan following on other social media platforms as well, how do you categorize time and content on these profiles

Yes I have been fortunate to have a decent fan following across platforms and i try and interact on each one as much as I can. There is no set pattern or time I give on a particular platform, all depends on what is going on'

How much time do you spend on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube in a day? Is there a division on personal posts vs promotional posts?

To be honest my day is mostly about being on social media platforms and interact with my followers and friends, singing songs for them and giving them day to day update about my music and upcoming projects. There is no specific time slot as such.

You have worked with quite a lot of brands in the recent times, how’s your experience with branded content?

I recently worked with Colgate where we recreated a cover version of their Shine Song.I have also worked with MTS and Hair n Care in the past it has been an amazing experience and I get to learn something new every time.

According to you, what are the essentials of building a strong subscriber base on YouTube?

The key to build a strong subscriber base is being consistent with your content. People subscribe to a channel only if they like the content you are putting out

and they want more of it. Constantly putting out content helps more and more people to discover your stuff.

What’s your Success Mantra for this space?

I believe that there is no thing like a universal success mantra. Different things work for different people. I only believe in being yourself and doing stuff you really enjoy doing, things that make you happy. That is exactly what I have been doing for last five years.

From Dehradun to a global audience on YouTube, what are your plans for future?

I don't really like planning my future. Life gives you surprises and that is what makes it fun. So there is no plan as such but improving my skills and learning more and more music is the only plan for now.

Please share some tips for aspiring YouTubers and Content Creators

A lot of people have started showing some serious talent on YouTube as it is the most convenient and direct of showcasing one's talent. I just want to tell them to let it all out and show what you are all about, maintaining the realness within you.

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