Make the #FirstMove says Blush with Lauren

Blush Firstmove

Breaking stereotypes once again, Close Up in a unique, gracious, and bold video showed that women too can make the first move and that too with ease and confidence.

Although we’re in an era which opens its arms to self-sufficient women and that gender itself has undergone evolution in the society, they still seem to be stuck up under dating norms.  As we’re aware, the old-fashioned dating route demands for the male gender to be the torchbearer for his lady, whereas the world of women would barely mull over to make the first move.

Cutting through these clichés, Close Up collaborated with Culture Machine’s Blush Channel to bring out a digital video for the brand Close Up starring celebrity dancer Lauren Gottlieb.

First Move

The first move is probably as vital as the first impression and with the societal eye staring widely, women tend to become conscious or intimidated, but the campaign #FirstMove calls for the tables to turn. Taking their viewers through a bold, musical and an absolutely sensuous audio-visual experience, this collaboration projects the changing traditions and unbiased gender roles when it comes to dating.

Putting Lauren Gottlieb in the frame, the aesthetics of the video are based in a creative, urban office setting where she is has a crush on the speaker and as the meeting goes about she’s constantly contemplating over her decision to make the first move and seduce him.

The video catches her showing off her absolutely affective dance moves and after imagining all this for a long time she finally slips in her phone number smoothly, which clearly breaks stereotypes.

Synopsis  of #FirstMove

Through the campaign, the brand attempts to bring in a new light in the urbane dating traditions, targeting the young, daring audience and asking women to step up and make the first move.

The five minute long video is a delight to our eyes as celebrity dancer shows off her moves utilizing every corner of a chic, vibrant office making the campaign as a delectable music video with a message. Towards conclusion, the campaign highlights the name of the brand, Close Up thus making this video one of its kind, as usually most brands are edgy to put their name ahead first.

Along with an innovatory question that the brand throws at its audience that ‘why can’t girls make the first move’ they also introduce a signature step on the Close Up theme song ‘Paas Aao’. This video seems to be the first phase of the campaign as through this video the brand calls out to their viewers to send in their videos imitating the signature step on the digital platform using #CloseUpFirstMoveParty.

This campaign spoke volumes on the social media and the digits affirm as it received 392,577 views on YouTube.

Overall, this campaign emerges in the market to bring in a transformation in the modern mentalities of youngsters and their lifestyles. Through vivid visuals, foot-tapping music and catchy moves the campaign is an entire digital package.