#MomBeAGirlAgain reinforces Amazon's women oriented strategy

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If there’s anything we all want in our adult lives, it is probably to take a bit of our childhood along. Faintly imbibed somewhere in the back of our memory box, our early days fade away with time and faster with catalysts like maternity, matrimony and all those adult-ing elements. We're aware, but too occupied to ponder, exactly why Amazon took us through this journey titled #MomBeAGirlAgain of mothers going back in time.

Deciphering #MomBeAGirlAgain

No brainer here, as the hashtag suggests, it's someone telling their mother to be a girl again, to re-live those memories and get back to those activities that brought a smile on your face.

Gifting your mother, her childhood again is the dominant essence of this campaign. Running on a similar theme, these mothers receive a letter and a gift along reminding them of old times, together, urging them to clinch on those far-left dreams. These three tales narrated with a different story-line, but eventually going down the same lane.

Conceptualization put across by Ogilvy & Mather, these three digital films stemming from the seed of mother sacrifices, underlines how some dreams are crushed under responsibilities and how mothers left their possible careers of playing badminton, photography or skating.

Like one always says, there’s no occasion to celebrate a mother, exactly leveraging on this ideology Amazon did not wait for a special Mother’s Day to acknowledge this entity, in fact went ahead to beautifully put across this content to string in emotionally.

Amazon-audience relationship

It’s safe to say now, that Amazon has crawled inside the minds of their audiences and cracked the code of acing a social media campaign suitable for their particular target audience.

Firstly we noticed that the tone of the content was kept very urban and open-minded as one film communicates in English and talks introduced an independent single mother, the other film showcases a typical homely atmosphere where the mother has domestic, yet again a subtle reminder of being a part of an upper-middle class family and finally the third film showcases a supporting husband.

As history suggests, Amazon with their Rakshabandhan campaign #DeliverTheLove ticked off by grasping on to the emotions of their viewers making a sensation on social media. Last time was a grey haired sibling relationship, this time on talks about the mother and very lucidly linking it to the e-commerce brand.

Along with touching emotions, Amazon India earlier built up on women-oriented campaign titled #WhenAWomanShops, stressing upon social progress and yet again they’ve directed their attention on women’s lifestyle at large, mothers to be precise.

The brand created a microsite by putting up categories synonymous to the themes of the campaign encouraging fans to gift their mothers to revive their childhood hobbies.

This campaign collectively resonates its high sentimental quotient, relatable for some and extremely inspiring for all. As the e-commerce brand shares, this campaign was inspired by the story of one of their followers, Prerna. By picking up such an intimate piece from a follower, the brand managed to further strengthen its relationship with its audience.

Social buzzing

Amazon is standing strong on social media too through its timely topical as well as content marketing campaigns.  Since its release, the pinned film received 5.4M views with over 165k reactions.

#MomBeAGirlAgain also received a tale from the uprising Terribly Tiny Tales and along with that was high on Twitter. As their social media page reveals, this campaign was inspired by one of their fans and the brand shared the letter.

Although along with #MomBeAGirlAgain, Amazon Indian is running a parallel campaign collaborated with All India Bakchod it did not get overshadowed in fact was intact on social media despite the absence of supporting illustrations, GIFs or other social elements.

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