#ThighsForJeaux - A clarion call to shame body shaming

Aishwaria Sonavane
Sep 07, 2016 06:48 IST
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As they say and we couldn't agree more freckles, stretch marks, tattoos, bruises, marks and scars are probably the coolest things, you started with almost a blank canvas and look at you now, all this evidence that you've lived. We're those unfortunate stuck up beneath the superficial glory of glossy papers, twisted ideologies and fanciful definitions of gender beauty.

In the world full of filters and digital alterations, curvy waists, bigger assets and fuller lips are fancied, thus embedding body shaming deeper in the lifestyle of every other average woman. Fulfilling these absurd societal desires more than often can be overwhelming especially for young women,  struggling to contemplate and make sense out of everything.

Snapping us out of this delusional enchantment, South African Twitterati, through her handle @Mijeaux shared #ThighsForJeaux, the rebellious hashtag which has gathered the like-minded individuals hinting towards a global revolution celebrating every shape and size, perceiving beauty in imperfections.

The string commenced as she shared a picture of her "imperfect" thighs and invited others to do the same. Her post spoke to others on a relatable, emotional level exactly why thousands around the globe joined her.

hey beans, I know majority of you aren't going to read this and that's fine but I haven't talked about this in a long time and idk why but lately it feels very relevant and sometimes I like to rant about things, sue me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Body insecurity is incredibly (and unfortunately) extremely common in society (male and female). I personally have struggled with it for a long time and I still have my doubts and insecurities and it doesn't help with how judgmental my age group can be, but the truth is we are all so different and we are all so gorgeous. We can work our hardest to be the healthiest version of ourselves, but also, (especially as a teenage girl who has been in situations where I have been judged), I think it is extremely important that we support each other and love each other and give each other confidence, and also support ourselves because humans can be so incredible and unique and we need to learn to love every curve, every inch, every freckle, everything, because we are truly beautiful no matter what. THIS IS NOT JUST FOR GIRLS!! I understand it can be extremely pressuring for guys and the same goes for them as well. Love yourself. Love others. #thighsforjeaux

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Though the anti body shaming movement took off back in March 2015, but with its popularity it was revived a couple of times, this time it has yet again surfaced on the social-verse for the third time.

Women around the globe were called to share their unfiltered thigh versions, despite the fat, hair or stretch marks which were met with an outstanding response denouncing the clichés of a beautiful naked body.


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Welcoming Spring like ? #YellowOnCameraOnly #Thighs #Legs #thighsforjeaux

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Social Media has emerged as a saviour against the global atrocities attached with the female gender. The platform impartially permits people to be vocal for relevant causes and amongst the ample; this aspect of feminism also received some attention. This time, the medium echoed the voices of these women in sync igniting a revolution against body shaming, thus yet again playing a vital role. #ThighsForJeaux has boosted a cause which was masked under layers of facade. Lets hope the movement grows stronger by the day and serves the ultimate objective of eradicating body shaming.

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