#MosquitoAway uses vintage storytelling to market LG's new innovation

Aishwaria Sonavane
Sep 01, 2016 09:39 IST
Social Media Campaign LG
Enabled us to fly over the hills and swim beneath the oceans, technology has fastened the evolution process by generously spacing itself to co-exist with humans. Gadgets have fruitfully replaced our efforts and how, thus accelerating the pace of urban lifestyle. With this Social Media Campaign LG is taking things up a notch, talking about their dual purpose products which affirms air conditioning or entertainment by keeping mosquitoes at bay too.

LG with twofold technology

Catering to the entertainment greedy society and simultaneously rescuing metropolitan dwellers from the monsoon pests of buzzing mosquitoes, the brand produced a blend of two commodities into one refined innovatory product. Not just one, but even taking the responsibility of your serene siesta by providing mosquito repellent with their air conditioner.

Innovation always intrigues attention and through these easy, jazzy products the brand is placing itself to be high-tech and ground-breaking in the market.

Emphasizing on the humor aspect, the brand produced their campaign placing content in a way to create product awareness rather than building on their brand which is already well established in the market.

Story of the Bambani family

#MosquitoAway launched a story revolving around the Bambani family of four members, introducing them with close-ups and unpleasant expressions; the film embodies the emotions of displeasure and indifference to begin with where they humorously picture how the family is habitual to clapping which is an almost involuntary retaliation from mosquito biting.

Through electronic news first the family gets alerted about the rising Dengue cases around and then at the later stage of the film through print medium the father Bambani stumbles upon the new LG product which obviously changes their life for good, as advertisements for years have followed this typical ritual.

Shedding light on their new product they shared, “The LG Mosquito Away TV, developed based on Indian insight, is equipped with an Ultra Sonic device which uses Sound wave technology only, that does not emit any harmful radiations. This technology works on the principle of ultrasonic waves that reduce a mosquito’s ability to detect CO2 exhaled by humans and become inactive and flies away.  The selected Ultrasonic Frequency is absolutely safe and harmless for humans, as per norms set up by global organizations. This technology does not use any chemicals, used in other toxic repellants, nor does it require refilling or any other maintenance and the most important part of the technology is that this independent operation which does not require the TV to be on to make the mosquitoes fly away. Given the uniqueness of the product the brief was to create a communication that stands out. In essence the communication needed to be as outlandish as the product is perceived to be.”

This 1 minute 44 seconds long film is directly chopped in two parts, where the first half suggests the woes of this family which is slightly Sepia filtered to portray dullness and discontent, but only in the second half with the introduction of this product, the screen turns vibrant with the family gleaming with joy.

Through this film #MosquitoAway, the brand creates nostalgia of the vintage advertisements which lacked an impactful story-line but simply put across their voices of how their product would entirely revamp our lives for the best. Leveraging on the old-school advertising concept through this easy-going film, they introduced their dual product but only emphasizing it in the second half of the film thus building a linear no-brainer story-line.

The content was scripted in such a way that maintained the focus entirely on the products than on the brand, tapping the emotion quotient of their target audience. Their emotions were driven by taking their consumers on the ride back in the 90's where television advertisements were narrated in this manner of simplicity.

Keep the blood-sucking monsters away

The brand introduced their air conditioner plus mosquito repellent with a twist too. Here, they characterize mosquitoes as the blood-sucking vampire who subsists by feeding on our blood.

Drawing an apt correlation between the two, this over a minute long film simply shows how a vampire slyly enters to feed on human blood but as soon as she turns on the air-conditioner all his attempts get futile.

This film #MosquitoAway nowhere connects with the earlier product but is based on altogether different lines where the product traits are pretty much similar.

Expressing the purpose of this film he said, “The most important reason to come up with this communication was to first establish the believability in the product. Once done it was important to establish the capability of its performance. Hence, LG decided to come up with this communication piece.”

#MosquitoAway activities

As we mentioned, the product with similar traits were brought to our notice in different ways. Although in my opinion the brand had the opportunity to craft one giant campaign and branch out their products thus weaving a systematic campaign around the same concept creating a better impact.

Content is the backbone of any campaign and here, the brand introduced modern technology in vintage fashion. This fresh content collaboration seemed to have worked in their favor.

As far as the digital medium is concerned, LG's Facebook page boasts of 2,003,524 fans integrated, it was further adorned with GIFs and illustrations in their space to support the campaign, yet not entirely crowding their page only with the campaign elements.

Their Facebook page comparatively spoke more than their Twitter page, however their #MosquitoAway was recognizable and self-explanatory.

The campaign managed to grasp social limelight and of course their innovative products stole the entire show, giving them an upper edge in comparison to their competitors who currently are silent on the digital medium. They also managed to churn out content of this kind which lacks familiarity on the social platform, thus commendable.

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