Social Samosa Agency Feature – Asymmetrique

Who are we?

We are an integrated marketing and brand solutions agency for a digital world. Founded in 2008 by results-oriented marketing professional, Nitin Gupta, Asymmetrique was set up with an aim to educate brands while focusing on tremendous opportunities to assist in achieving brand stabilisation via digitalisation and data-driven markets.

Strengthened with a team of like-minded marketing technocrats on board, Dhiraj Kapoor, Sanjay Shetty, Aabha Chawhan & Hrishikesh coherently work towards building the brands on board far beyond the boundaries of traditional media channels, and deep into their consumers’ always-on digital lives.

What’s in the name?

The name Asymmetrique, is about the asymmetry of the times we live in, the asymmetry of media and marketing, and the asymmetry of thought that we apply towards solutions we create for clients.

What we do?

We help marketers and business owners re-imagine their brands and consumer-connect strategies for the digital-era. Our services cut across Consulting, Creative, Performance, and Experience solutions, in order to help marketing takes the lead in defining the digital transformation and consumer experience agenda of modern high-growth organizations.

Why we do it?

Because the digital revolution has changed marketing forever. Because consumers are in control of the message. Because technology has democratized media and because data has created accountability around results.

How we evolve?

At Asymmetrique, our 2-pronged evolution philosophy is to constantly Incubate and Integrate. We incessantly Incubate new-age creative thinking and processes outside of our client delivery teams. Once proven and ready for monetization, we then Integrate the new approaches and skill-sets into mainstream delivery.

This ensures ongoing hybridization and upgradation of our workforce. We also aggressively outsource functions that hamper agility in delivery and drain management bandwidth, while constantly driving our people to focus on higher value-adding client activities.

Social responsibility in social media

The fundamentals of social responsibility for Business haven’t changed despite advancements in technology.

However, authenticity and believability have taken on new dimensions in brand communications, due to the proliferation of social media. That being said, the same fundamentals of corporate and business communications apply in the era of social media as well.

All brands and businesses need to seamlessly carry their social responsibly philosophy onto their social platforms. Their agency partners need to be provided clear guidelines and training on aspects such as firm culture, environment sustainability, and community-building, which further need to become the guide-points for social media engagement and conversation design.

Need of the hour

We believe that creativity needs a redefinition. So that brands can continue to remain relevant. So that people can discover and access brands seamlessly. So that marketing can build glorious consumer experiences by intersecting Creativity with Data and Technology. So that marketers can be relieved from the busyness of business, and become Business Innovators again!

We learned the hard way

That clients seldom know better and even if they do, they need us to lead the marketing transformation agenda for them. Agencies therefore, need to be bold and claim their seat at the Strategy table, in-turn empowering marketers to reclaim their seats in Corporate Boardrooms.

They work with us

JP Morgan Asset Management, Trust Capital Services, Hindustan Unilever, Peninsula Land, PS Group, Nordusk LED, Welingkar Institute of Management, and Whistling Woods School of Film-making to name just a few of our wonderful clients.

Industry as we foresee

Huge evolution ahead! We see “social media” clustering around consumer utilities and interests, and become ubiquitous in our lives. For e.g. Social Connect platforms such as Facebook, News Connect platforms such as Twitter, Professional Connect platforms such as LinkedIn, Interest Connect platforms such as Instagram, and finally Personal Connect platforms such as Snapchat. In other words, ‘social platforms’ will assume the role of ‘seamless social connect’ between humans in an increasingly virtual world, thereby distorting the dimensions of time and space in business and life.

A day without Internet

Unimaginable! The Internet is now like electricity. It’s not a novelty anymore.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we’re looking for all the best digital professionals in the country to join the Asymmetrique team .