Top YouTube Ads from Asia Pacific – August 2016

Top YouTube Ads

Advertisements are often viewed as disruptive and obstructive to our entertainment needs. There is good reason behind that feeling a commercial break evokes in all of us, but not always. Presenting a list of Top YouTube Ads from Asia Pacific

These days advertisements are highly nuanced and entertaining, so much so, that they manage to build an audience of their own. Some of these ads manage to captivate our attention more than others.

Imagine an advertisement so good, you want to watch it again and again. And thanks to YouTube, you can. As many times as you want.

Ranging from action sequences in the post apocalyptic world to the underwater review of a new mobile handset, we bring you a list of Top YouTube Ads from the Asia Pacific that dominated in terms of viewership last month.

1. Ching’s Secret

Bringing together Bollywood director Rohit Shetty and award winning heartthrob Ranveer Singh, Ching’s Secret pulled off a Mad Max inspired post apocalyptic battle for Desi Chinese.

2. Suntory

The Japanese brewing company is the sole distributor for Pepsi in Japan and to promote a new Pepsi Strong variant, the brand created a series of video advertisements, of which ‘Episode 4’ came in second.

3. Bajaj V

Paying tribute to the legendary INS Vikrant, Bajaj’s advertisement evokes a sense of patriotism and nostalgic pride in us all as it comes in third in the list.

4. Head and Shoulders

A goofy ad for the Chinese market from the shampoo brand is fourth in the list with its humorous take.

5. Toyota Japan

Centred around Olympic and Paralympic athletes from Japan is fifth on the list.

6. First Choice

The channel focused on Mother’s Day from Thailand is the sixth video on the list.

7. Supercell

An advertisement from the mobile game developer from Finland came in at seventh place in terms of viewership in the Asia Pacific.

8.Samsung Mobile

The unboxing and feature description of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 came in at eighth place.

9. Amazing Thailand

The promotional video from Thailand Tourism is ninth in the list.

10. Amazon India

Amazon’s promotional video for their campaign #ChancePeDance comes in at tenth place for their quirky video advertisement.

These were the 10 most popular ads from brands in the Asia Pacific territory on YouTube in terms of maximum viewership for the month of August 2016. Share Your thoughts on these ads, and help us craft a new list of Top YouTube Ads in the recent times.